Big changes in ClassifiedEngine

From the day we released CE Shop, we’ve been running two different versions of ClassifiedEngine:

  • One for the normal WordPress classified site: version 1.x
  • One for those who are using CE shop: version 2.x

This is an effort in order not to affect customers’ previous customization and also a transitional period before the theme is completely updated.
And now, the update is done. In the next 30 days, we will allow users to update CE version 1.x to CE version 2.0. After that, only the ClassifiedEngine version 2.x will remain.



Introducing new packages for DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine

Today, we are happy to introduce the latest packages applied for the two premium themes: DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine.

Similar to ClassifiedEngine and JobEngine packages, the new ones offer you themes and extensions with more than 20% discount on the products.

Get all the extensions at a good price, you can then extend your themes with even more features.

Sounds great, right? And it’s even more, if you’ve already purchased the themes, you can easily upgrade your current plan to a better solution.



Other updates: DirectoryEngine, FreelanceEngine and ClassifiedEngine

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

Together with the updates which were released 2 days ago, FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine and ClassifiedEngine also release their newest versions including some bug fixes:


EngineThemes’ updates: JobEngine, QAEngine, ForumEngine

This week updates focus on some bug fixes so that your site performance will be better.

QAEngine version 1.5.3

A new option is added in QAEngine: Login to view Answer. The name speaks for itself, if you enable this option, users have to log in to view the answers.

login to view answer-QAEngine


WeddingEngine Free Upgrade

We are so grateful to receive a lot of support and questions asking about our WeddingEngine from you guys in the previous weeks.

Finally… the time has come!

EngineThemes is excited to announce the release of our beautiful and elegant wedding theme: WeddingEngine.

This wedding theme is built for couples to create their personalized wedding websites easily and quickly. WeddingEngine is a One Page WordPress theme that features unique sections made just for weddings. Visit Demo here to see all the features!

weddingengine (more…)

WeddingEngine: a love-inspired WordPress wedding theme

Wedding date is one of the most important moment in your life. And as they say, “A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created”. WeddingEngine is built to help you create the most memorable wedding ever.

WeddingEngine is a WordPress wedding template which helps you to create a beautiful informative wedding website which is easily to set up and personalized.

Even if you are a wedding planner who want to provide additional service for the wedding couples, a developer who is looking for a new business service or a newly bride/groom who want to make a remembrance for your wedding: WeddingEngine is your solution.

WE big header - WeddingEngine


DirectoryEngine v1.8.6 now supports responsive header menu

The header menu is now completely responsive in DirectoryEngine v1.8.6. When users access your site via other small screen devices, the menu items will be hidden under a button. You can then click on it and view all the content.

WeddingEngine Daily Giveaway. Ends May 11th

Only 7 days left until the WeddingEngine debut!

We’ve been working on this WordPress wedding theme since the spring (surely the season added some romantic mood). It’s such a project that fills with laugh and joy, and we really hope to deliver that great feeling of happiness when WeddingEngine goes live.

We know that marriage is a lifetime special milestone, and weddings are just wonderful with all the stories about the wedding couples and their big days. To celebrate the upcoming wedding WordPress theme, hooray to WeddingEngine Giveaway!


Spring-end sale. Ends on April 30

Enter APRIL25 to take 25% off. Applied for themes only. Ends Apr 30

It’s been quite hectic working on WeddingEngine and other themes these days, but we’re still in the mood for feast and party at the end of the day. We realize it happens more often recently, and that means a happy summer is very soon to come. So, to close up the spring with joy and fun, we’d like to offer you a spring-end sale, and maybe also the very last sale until Black Friday in October.


New option to select Skills in FreelanceEngine v1.5

New option to select “Skills”

Previously, when freelancers create their profiles, they can just select the “skills” from the dropdown list. It’s a little bit inconvenience since users don’t know which the provided skills are.

Therefore, we decided to change the way the “skills list” being displayed. In stead of the old one, freelancers now can select skills from the multi-dropdown list.

skills - FreelanceEngine


Announcement: Delay in support from April 28th to May 03rd

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

In celebration of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and International Workers’ Day, we’ll have some days off from April 28th to May 03rd. As a result, there will be some delay in our support work.

However, taking the experience from the previous holidays, we now arrange a support schedule in order not to delay the service for too long. Our support staffs will take turn to take care of the questions, the response will be slower than usual but we will try our best to help.

Urgent cases will be taken as priority while questions about technical issues will be resolved when we resume our works on May 04th.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience the delay may cause.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.


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