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  • ForumEngine is updated to its latest version: v1.5.1

    The email notification system is implemented with new section. With FE new version, whenever there’s a new created thread, the system will automatically send emails reminding the admin to confirm the new thread.

    pending thread email -ForumEngine
    In addition, bugs from the previous version are also fixed. In FE v1.5, some customers informed us that they couldn’t submit or like a thread. The problem has gone now, you won’t have to face this inconvenient anymore.

  • QAEngine is updated to the latest version: v1.1.3

    Over the past few days, we have received some suggestions from our beloved customers. We’ve noted them all and carefully discussed to implement in QAEngine. And now, QAEngine is updated, you can consider that QAEngine v1.1.3 is the result of

  • ClassifiedEngine releases its new version – v1.6.5 and fixes some bugs

    CE v1.6.5 is now compatible with WordPress Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin. With this plugin you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much more.

    Besides, from now on, whenever users want to send massage to the sellers, they’ll have to insert the captcha, which helps to reduce the number of spams.

    The new version also includes some bug fixes:
    - Fix social login function.
    - Fix “Favourite an ad” function.
    - Fixed upload .ico file for mobile icon.

    Moreover, CE Admap is updated with change in template js to compatible with CE latest update.

  • ClassifiedEngine releases v1.6.3: WPML- compatible, social login and more

    One of the main updates of this new version is that CE is now compatible with WPML. With support from WPML, you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. Choose languages for your site, translate content and you can use different languages at the same time. Let’s upgrade your site to a mulilingual website and expend your business all over the world.

  • QAEngine is updated with new version: v1.1.2

    Now you can add sidebars in your question and answer site-QAEngine
    Besides the original sidebars, you can create new ones for your blog page. Simply drag and drop the widgets in the right positions and you will have your very own sibebars.

  • Updates: ForumEngine v1.4.9, JobEngine v2.9, JE Coupon v1.5 and ET slider v1.1.1

    - The new version of ForumEngine is implemented with captcha option. If you enable this function, users have to enter captcha when they create a new topic. However,admins can also choose which category or user role to enable the captcha function.

  • QAEngine’s quick update: v1.1.1

    After releasing QAEngine v1.1, QAEngine is updated again just after one day. The new version is a quick update after we receive feedbacks from our valuable customers.
    In this latest version, we’ve added the “Email confirmation” section. If you enable this function, users have to confirm their email after complete their registration. If they don’t confirm their email, they can’t activate in your site.

    email confirmation-QAEngine

    However, admins can also directly activate a member manually before they submit their confirmation. If there’s a visitor waiting for your aproval, you will see a “Tick” symbol at the end of his/her name, you can click on this symbol to accept them.

  • QAEngine releases its new version and has a change in price

    QAEngine’s new version: v1.1

    We’re happy to see that QAEngine has received a lot of support from you guys since its first release. In order to continuously improve the theme as well as to help you gradually perfect your site, QAEngine is now updated to v1.1 with a lot of great features.

    1. Live notification system

    Taking advantage of the WordPress Heartbeat API, your site now have a live notification system. Every time a new post is published, your visitors receive a real-time message. If they feel interested in it, they can click on the notify message to go to the new post. We can consider this function as a bridge which helps visitors to involve in different topics and make your site more active.

  • Check out new updates of JobEngine

    In this new version of JobEngine, we’ve changed its template JS, which will help it compatible with more hostings. Besides, a bunch of extensions are also updated to get along with JE latest version:
    - JE Indeed v3.5
    - ET Slider v1.1
    - JE SimplyHired v1.1.2
    - JE RSS v2.2.2

  • QAEngine Giveaway Winners Announcement

    Dear our beloved supporters,

    Thank you to all those who participated in our QAEngine Giveaway event.

    As mentioned in the Theme launch post, we promised to give free copies of QAEngine for 03 luckiest participants.

    A week has passed and here are the winners of this event. Congratulations to all the lucky ones: