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  • DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine introduce the latest updates and new plans

    Directory WordPress theme – DirectoryEngine version 1.2

    The latest version of DirectoryEngine includes some new small yet useful features, which helps to enhance your site performance.

    Schema rating

    The rating has already worked with Schema Google rating. From now on, the rating information in your page will be displayed when being searched on Google. It can lead to enhance rich snippets and these rich snippets can increase SERP click through rates by up to 30%. That means up to 30% more traffic will be generated to your site.

    schema rating – DirectoryEngine

  • DirectoryEngine introduces its latest version: v1.1.5

    Enhance customization function

    Different from the old versions, you couldn’t change the mobile version’s main color. With DirectoryEngine v1.1.5, you now can change the main color of your mobile solution using WP Customizer. The mobile color as well as other sections are now matched with the desktop version’s main color.

  • ClassifiedEngine is back with 20% discount offer

    As many of you have known, ClassifiedEngine is one of our first products. Maybe in quite a long time, you haven’t heard any news about it but that doesn’t mean we’ve totally forgot. After a period of time being updated, ClassifiedEngine is back with some bug fixes.

    Compatible with WordPress 4.0

    The theme now has already compatible with WP 4.0, you don’t have to face unwelcome bugs anymore. In the previous version, sellers have to refresh the page in order to post an ad but with the new version, this issue is ironed out.

  • FreelanceEngine releases its mobile version

    No matter which business you are running, you can’t ignore your mobile website. According to some researches, mobile search has grown five times in the past two years and 52% of all local searches are done on a mobile phone. As a result, it gradually become a great help for your business.
    As we promised when launching FreelanceEngine, the mobile version will be released soon with FrE version 1.1. And now, the promise is accomplished, we are now happy to introduce the latest version of FrE with mobile solution.

  • DirectoryEngine introduces its latest version with header menu implementation

    DirectoryEngine introduces its latest version with header menu implementation

    Header menu

    In addition to the original one on the left, you now have another option to create your menu. Users then can use the header menu to easily access any page on the site. For those who are using child theme to modify the “header.php” file, please remember to check out the latest code.

  • JobEngine is back with the new version: v2.9.2

    JobEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes to enhance the site’s performance.

    Compatible with WP 4.0

    With the new version, JobEngine’s totally compatible with WordPress v4.0, you don’t have to face incompatible troubles anymore.
    The “tiny mce editor” issue is also fix, the text editor works fine now.

  • How to use WordPress Classified theme for your ad business efficiently

    Classified ad websites can be considered as a business marketplaces where users sell their products or service to anyone looking for the same. The sold products can be anything: mobiles, employment, real estates…, advertised with a specific heading and small messages. At the same time, the site owners can also add blog posts, articles… and provide helpful information that supports their business.

    In overall, building up a classified site is a great way to get traffic, branding, and income all at once. With the benefit it brings, the growth of classified ad sites has become bigger and bigger over the years, which leads to the rise of classified ad software.

    While there are many ways to build your own classified site, using WordPress classified themes is still the easiest & fastest approach. And if you were looking for one that helps you monetize your site efficiently, ClassifiedEngine would be your perfect choice.

    View Demo Buy for $89

    In this article, we’ll provide some suggestions to help you make the best from ClassifiedEngine.

    The basic way: charge users for posting ads in your classified site

    The easiest way to start earning income from your classified ad site is to charge your users for posting an ad. Supposedly your website has only 100 paid customers and they all pay you an average of $20 to post a few ads on your website, then you are making $2000 per month! Users and customers grow with time so as your income. If you have 1000 customers after a year then you are making $20000 per month from your classified website.

    With ClassifiedEngine, you are able to create different payment plans suitable for different phrases of your site. Each payment plan has different detailed information and you can decide how many ads a user can post using the plan as well as the availability of the ads posted under this plan.



  • How DirectoryEngine helps you build your online directory business

    DirectoryEngine is not another rigid WordPress theme, it’s the tool for you to launch your dream website. Using DirectoryEngine, you’re able to build any kind of directory business sites you want. Going through these questions in this post, you’ll learn why DirectoryEngine should be your choice for a directory software theme.

    View Demo Buy for $89

    What can DirectoryEngine do for me?

    Don’t just think about the small ideas and ordinary stuff, go for something unique and not having been done before. You can use this theme to create a local directory, a specific type of business directory, a website directory, a people finder or even use it as a classified ad site.


    Even if you can’t come up with an extraordinary idea, you still can make your site stand out, DirectoryEngine provides the needed tools for you to free your creativity.


  • Quick updates: FreelanceEngine version 1.0.1, DirectoryEngine version 1.1.3

    FreelanceEngine version 1.0.1

    Understanding that “Speed is the soul of every business”, we’ve always tried our best to offer you better products at the earliest. And here we are again, FrE is updated with some small implements and bug fixes after being released.
    The posted bids won’t be displayed anymore, only the project owner and the bidder can see them. By this way, you can avoid the competitive devaluation in your site.
    In addition, admins now can set up a default avatar for new users, who haven’t complete their profile yet.
    Some bug fixes
    The “Translate” function works well now. You won’t meet any trouble translating your site.
    As for the “Payment plan”, the created plans will be recognized after being imported.
    Fix “Social share” function.
    Some bugs on mobile are also ironed out.

  • QAEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes-v.1.2.1

    A question and answer WordPress theme – QAEngine has been fixed some functions:
    Fix “Email confirmation” function
    This function works fine now. From now on, if you enable this option, new users have to confirm their email address after registration so that they can activate in your site.