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  • ForumEngine is updated to its latest version: v1.5.3

    Implementing Menu tab
    Besides the footer menu, ForumEngine is now supported menu on the header which help users to easily visit any page on the site.

    menu – ForumEngine

    Enable/ disable “Live notifications” feature

    “Live notifications” is the feature that help users to keep up with the new posts on the forums. Admins are now allowed to activate this function right from their admin panel and of course they can disable it whenever they want.

    live notifications – ForumEngine

    Add plugin Autolink to TinyMCE

    With the implementation of Autolink, it’ll be much more convenient for users to access the link in the post. Just simply click the link and it’ll head you to the right site.

    Bug fix
    Fix “Insert code” icon issue, the button works fine now.

  • QAEngine version 1.2 is out with more features

    Following its siblings, the new version of QAEngine – a question and answer WordPress theme – now offers more options so that admins can handle their sites more effectively.
    Pending answers
    Similar to the “pending questions” feature, this function will help you prevent unsuitable content appear on your site. Once you enable this function, new answer have to wait for your approval before being displayed in the site.

  • Welcome the new week with DirectoryEngine version 1.1.2

    A new week has come with a great news: DirectoryEngine is updated with more options and a ton of bug fixes.

    New implementations

    Add new criteria in the “DE list place” widget

    Besides the original criterias: “Featured posts” and “Recent posts”, admins now have another option when setting up the widgets.
    In the widget “DE list place”, you can see the new criteria “DE list place” in the “Query” section.

  • Updates: OneEngine version 1.1, BookingEngine version 2.0 and HotelEngine version 2.0.1

    OneEngine version 1.1

    Since OneEngine’s released, we’ve received quite a lot of attention from our community. We’re really happy that our product can help you somehow and thankful for all the support.
    During the past couple days, maybe many of you have noticed the disappearance of OneEngine. The reason is that we’ve been updating it with a few bug fixes. At the moment, OneEngine v1.1 is released. Although there’s no major changes in this latest version, most of the annoying bugs are now gone. We hope this new version could help your site run more smoothly.
    - Fix responsive issue on mobile.
    - Fix external links on Header Menu.
    - Fix portfolio image’s size.
    We also come up with the idea of a more advanced OneEngine.
    In our first thought, this version will support more modules, the code will be optimized even more and it’ll surely run faster. We’re excited about this idea, however, we want to hear your feedback first. Are you interested in a premium version for OneEngine? Please don’t hesitate to send us your opinions.

  • DirectoryEngine v1.1 with Event management feature. 20% discount for all themes.

    As we promised when releasing the first version of DirectoryEngine, the “Events” management feature will be implemented soon. The promise is now fulfilled with the release of DirectoryEngine v1.1 – including a ton of new features as well as bug fixes.

    Events management

    As it is called, this feature allows users to create their own events for special occasions, which is great to make the places became more appealing.

    Users can make different events for different places. For example, if a user has two active places in the site, he then can create a “20% discount” event for his restaurant on weekends while creating another “Free buffet” event for his hotel.

    Besides, this is not just about “discount”, it can also be considered as a notification to remind the customers about your places.

  • QAEngine releases its new version with social login options

    During the last few weeks, we’ve looked back at our QAEngine and considered all the notes we’d made so far. In order to enhance all the functions as well as help you to experience all the benefits a question and answer site could bring. QAEngine is updated to the latest version with some new options.

  • Important updates for our dear customers

    Last week we announced the new Terms of Service with many important changes, one of which is about the switch from “lifetime” to yearly pricing.

    Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our dear customers, via the blog post’s comments, social channels as well as direct emails. There were a lot of support as well as objections, and we really appreciate all your opinions on the matter!

  • Week updates: ClassifiedEngine version 1.7 and DirectoryEngine version 1.0.2

    DirectoryEngine is once again upgraded with some small changes to enhance all the existing functions.

    Users will have more choices when making their payments, besides the original ones, they now can use their 2CheckOut account to do their transactions.

  • Updates to EngineThemes’ Terms of Service

    We want to let you know that we’ve just updated our Terms of Service – the ones you accept to when you decide to use EngineThemes’ products.

    A major change that you should notice is about the support & updates for your purchased products.

  • DirectoryEngine releases v1.0.1 with more features

    After releasing DirectoryEngine, we’ve received some good remarks as well as comments on some problems about the theme. As we’ve always said “better and better”, all those precious feedbacks have been noted and will be considered for future versions.

    For today, we’re happy to introduce the latest update after DE took its first step:

    1. More Sidebars. Revolution Slider Added.
    Haven’t been satisfied with the number of sidebars in v1.0? Here are more for you! DE v1.0.1 offers you two additional ones: Top full-width sidebar and Bottom full-width sidebar.

    Besides, the latest version also add the support for Revolution Slider. Admins now can use the new widget to either display a map or a slider, whichever makes their site more appealing to the users.