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  • JobEngine releases its new child theme: JobEngine Flat

    In the past, website designers tend to pay much attention to wow visitors by creating flashy illustrations and animations. Then it came to “skeuomorphic” design, which attempted to bring real life to the screen, with drop shadows and real object

  • Updates: DirectoryEngine version 1.5 and FreelanceEngine 1.2.1

    After collecting suggestions from our customers, DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine were upgraded with some small changes and bug fixes to enhance all the existing functions. DirectoryEngine version 1.5 (DE v1.5) User List for Mobile In DirectoryEngine v1.4, admins can create a

  • EngineThemes’ 2nd birthday celebration

    On November 27th, EngineThemes will have its 2nd birthday. How fast time flies!

    For the last two years, we’ve received a lot of love from our dear customers and those supportive words have been our treasure. It’s time for us to give something back. So, let us celebrate this joyful occasion with presents and sweet words.

    For this 2nd anniversary, you’ll have a chance to get all our products for FREE right on our birthday – November 27th, 2014.

  • Announcement: Delay in support until November 24th, 2014

    Dear our loved customers,

    This notification is to inform you about the delay in our support service until November 24th, 2014.

    In 03 days from November 21st to November 23rd, we’ll have a company trip which can be considered as a paid holidays for all employees in the whole company after a hard working year. During this period, our support service will be slower than usual.

  • Taking your business to a new level with ClassifiedEngine 1.8

    We know that payment is one of important steps of your purchasing process. Normally, E-commerce websites will allow payments from credit cards and banks through payment gateways from all over the world. But still, some are limited and only available in some specific countries. So, it is very necessary to have a payment support for your global customers.

    WooCommerce Plugin is compatible with ClassifiedEngine (CE). You can utilize this plugin to activate multiple gateways at once thus, your customers can freely choose which one is appropriate for them.

    CE 1.8 WooCommerce supports 115 payment gateways, which lets customers use different gateways to process their business transactions. In WooCommerce Extensions library, you can easily download free gateways like: Amazon Payment, PayFast… and also purchase premium ones such as: PayPal, Stripe… The choice is yours.

  • Regarding our support service on EngineThemes’ forums

    Dear our valued customers, First and foremost, we’d like to express our appreciation regarding your support during the time. Over the past few days, maybe some of you have noticed the disputation in our forums. We know this is not

  • Updates: FreelanceEngine version 1.2, DirectoryEngine version 1.4, JobEngine version 2.9.3

    After a short time being improved, these themes are once again updated to the latest versions with some new features, which helps to enhance user interface usability.

    FreelanceEngine version 1.1.2

    Implement “Workspace” feature

    With the latest version of FreelanceEngine, users will find it’s easier to communicate with each other. From now on, they’ll have an onsite private place to contact, give more detailed information as well as discuss about the projects.
    This is a special place applied for those who involve in a specific project, which are employer and accepted freelancer only. After an employer accepts a freelancer, he can access the workspace via the project details page and so as the freelancers.

  • DirectoryEngine is back with the “Claim a listing” feature

    As we promised in the previous update, Directory WordPress theme-DirectoryEngine version 1.3 would include a long awaited feature which helps to enhance your site’s functions. And now, we’re happy to announce the appearance of the new feature “Claim a listing”.
    This feature makes it possible for members of the site to request permission to become owners of certain listings.

  • Updates: QAEngine v1.3, JE Coupon v1.7, JE Custom Fields v2.2, CE Coupon v1.2

    QAEngine version 1.3

    Filter bad words

    Speaking generally, since QAEngine is also an online community where people share their opinions, there’ll come a time when you have to face some unwelcome users. As an admin, of course you want to keep your site as civilized as possible and so do the users. In order to help you prevent the bad words in your site, a new feature is implemented: Filter bad words.

    bad words be-QAEngine

  • ForumEngine is back with some small improvement: v1.5.4

    ForumEngine now works with Schema, some data on your site are marked up. By this way, it will help search engines use your information to present your page in the most useful way, which means you can not only boost up your SEO but also generate more traffic to your site.
    In addition, the latest version also includes two mail bug fixes:
    – In the previous versions, users can create topics even when they haven’t logged in. From now on, there’ll be notification remind them to log in before creating new ones.
    – The issue happened with Ipad is also fixed, users now can reply on a topic without troubles, the reply box won’t automatically get bigger anymore.