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  • Take your time on updating WordPress version 4.1

    For your information, WordPress has just launched it latest version 4.1 which includes some new features to help you manage your site more easily. We know that you are eager to try the new one right away but please don’t

  • Introducing Escrow system in FreelanceEngine version 1.3

    Escrow system

    Escrow system is a great helpful tool for WordPress business websites, especially when you are working with someone you’ve never actually worked or met. With Escrow system, there’ll be a neutral third party in the transaction holding the money so that it won’t reach the other party until the service or good is delivered.
    Just like the Switzerland of internet transactions, it helps to reduce the risk of online fraud for both parties. Specifically, for FreelanceEninge, admins can create a trustworthy working environment for the users. You will play a role of an intermediary between the employers and freelancers, holding the money and sending it to the right person.

  • Tips to update your theme

    This tutorial will help you keep some customization when updating the theme, no more worrying about losing the settings anymore. 1. PHP files: Simply copy the files (e.g: header.php or footer.php ) from parent-theme (forumengine) to the child-theme. 2. Javascript

  • Updates: “Welcome” section and “Featured Pointer” pop-up in ClassifiedEngine

    “Welcome” section

    Frow now on, you can grab all the main information about updates right in your admin panel using the “Welcome” section.
    There are three information tabs in this section: What’s new?, About CE and Change log.
    • What’s new?: you can find news of new updated features in this tab
    • About CE: Introduction of ClassifiedEngine and how it works
    • Change log: latest changes of new versions and files

  • A Very Merry Christmas!

    ‘Tis the season for gift-giving! It’s officially Christmas season and it means showers of gifts and fun! We’re kicking off a holiday celebration that offers you 25% discount for all of our themes through December. Simply enter the code XMAS25 at the checkout and

  • EngineThemes Relaunch & New Year Giveaway

    EngineThemes is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our website, which will go live on Monday January 5th, 2015. The team has been working hard for months to prepare for the moment. Finally, here we are proudly telling the world about our most delightful work.

  • QAEngine is updated with some new implementations

    Looking back, we’ve released QAEngine for more than five months and now it’s time to upgrade it to a higher level. We’re collecting ideas in our forums and realizing this plan steps by steps, if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to raise your voice. In the meantime, we’ll keep improved it with some new features and bug fixes.

  • DirectoryEngine version 1.6 is now compatible with WPML

    Since today is the era of globalization, you have no choice but to gradually step out of your country’s border and integrate with the world. Therefore, having a multilingual site will be a great help for you to expand your business.
    In order to help you improve your directory WordPress site to a new level, DirectoryEngine is once again updated to compatible with WPML.
    Using WPML, you can translate all the content of your site: pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. Choose languages for your site, translate content and you can use different languages at the same time.

  • ClassifiedEngine: Sorting Price By Lowest to Highest

    With current version of ClassifiedEngine, when you search a products, you can sort price all the results by highest to lowest. But can we sort price all products by lowest to highest? The answer is YES. Here is your result

  • DirectoryEngine introduces its latest update: DE v1.5.1

    The latest version of DirectoryEngine includes some new small useful features, which helps to enhance your site performance. Finding places near user’s current location When users provide their locations, a list of places which is near their current locations will