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EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.

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FreelanceEngine is updated to version 1.6.2

FreelanceEngine version 1.6.2 is up to date now! EngineThemes would like to announce that some bugs have been fixed and there is a new extension introduced in the latest version of FreelanceEngine. Stripe Escrow –  A new extension of FreelanceEngine ver 1.6.2     Now Stripe connect is integrated with Escrow system in FreelanceEngine! If […]

DirectoryEngine is updated to version 1.9.1

EngineThemes always wants to give our customers the best service they deserve. And now, EngineThemes would like to inform that some bugs have been fixed in the latest version of DirectoryEngine. DirectoryEngine ver 1.9.1 is up to date now! Bug fixes: Previously, Event page do not have a featured image. Now all the photos of Event […]

Update: DiningEngine version 1.1

2 months ago, we were very grateful to release DiningEngine – the most powerful and highly customizable restaurant, cafe and bistro WordPress Listing and Directory Theme

And now, we would like to announce DiningEngine version 1.1 is released  with some bug fixes  and one new amazing function: Make Reservations.


News: Updating DirectoryEngine version 1.9

It has been few weeks since the last time we announced the release  of DirectoryEngine ver 1.8.6. And now, we would like to inform  that some bugs have been fixed and new features have been implemented in a new version of DirectoryEngine: DirectoryEngine ver 1.9! Update Author Profile Previously, the account page of an author […]

How to prevent non-logged in user from viewing details of the profile in FreelanceEngine?

Recently, There have been many FreelanceEngine owners asked us  How to make their profile be restricted? How to prevent non-logged in user from viewing details of the profile in FreelanceEngine? It means only those, who registered on FrE website can see the information of the employers and freelancers. Guests or Visitors can only view at homepage […]

Change The Background Color of Featured Place in DirectoryEngine

Hi there, We have received many questions about how to change the background color of  featured place in DirectoryEngine in order to let the users know which is standard place and which is featured place. So today, we will show you the  tip to do that. Please follow these steps: Step 1: Adding this following […]

Allowing Freelancers to add more skills in FreelanceEngine

This is a tutorial  to guide you  how to Add more skills in the profiles in FreelanceEngine. Previously, when freelancers create their profiles, they are only able to add 5 skills. What should they do if they have more skills than 5 and want to impress the job-seekers with their qualifications? It’s very simple. Just […]

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.6.1


A small implementation is added in this version. When you search for a keyword, there will be a notification informing the number of results. By this way, users can quickly obtain the information.


EngineThemes’ Perks: CSS Hero

Are you a WordPress beginners who want to customize your website without touching a single line of code?

Are you a WordPress site owner who need to transform your website but have a limited budget?

Then CSS Hero maybe the virtual hero that you are looking for.

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of CSS Hero and what they could help your business.



ClassifiedEngine version 2.3 and QAEngine version 1.5.4

Two months ago, we made an notification about updating ClassifiedEngine to the version 2.x. Today, the newest version is officially available, you guys can download it and update your classified ads site right away.

Welcome FreelanceEngine v1.6, DirectoryEngine v1.8.9 and QAEngine v1.5.3.1

The long-awaited feature is finally completed, you now can charge freelancers for bidding on the projects in FreelanceEngine v1.6

EngineThemes – July 4th Sale

Summer is in full swing!

The Fourth of July is coming and guess what … EngineThemes will delight you in the most amazing way. 😉


Simply enter code JULY4 at checkout to take 40% off of any items (themes, extensions or even packages).* The deal is only on July 3 and July 4 so make sure that you won’t miss this big event.


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