Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.10

FreelanceEngine update - A Premium Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

FreelanceEngine 1.7.10 has been released with a well-designed credit tab as well as improvements in the bid flow & FrE Private Message. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.9

FreelanceEngine update

FreelanceEngine 1.7.9 has been released with a lot of changes and bug fixes in the theme, FrE Credit and Stripe Escrow plugins. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version

FreelanceEngine update

Multiple bugs in the register form, project details tab, user’s profile, homepage are fixed in FreelanceEngine version (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.8

FreelanceEngine update

FreelanceEngine version 1.7.8 has been released with UX improvement, sub-skills are no longer supported, tabs are compatible with VC 4.12, other bugs are also fixed. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.7

FreelanceEngine update

FreelanceEngine version 1.7.7 has been released with multiple bug fixes on both mobile and desktop (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6

FreelanceEngine update

In FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6, the freelancer can “Resolved” a Milestone, the free package no longer exists, and other bugs are also fixed (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.5

FreelanceEngine update

In FreelanceEngine v1.7.5, new features are improved & multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile to be compatible with WordPress 4.5. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.4

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.4

In FreelanceEngine 1.7.4, multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile.

  • [New option] Automatic page creation can be turned off in back-end at Engine Settings → Settings → General.
  • [FrE Private Message] Now when you are at Profile Details tab and choose Inbox in your profile, the system will correctly redirect you to Message tab.
  • When country field in Profile Details is typed in manually, countries with more than 1 word in length are saved properly. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.3

FreelanceEngine 1.7.3 is more secure with reCAPTCHA, has new email about interesting projects, and fixes bugs with Credit, Custom Fields, social sharing.

Improvement – reCAPTCHA available, related project notification

reCAPTCHA available upon Signup, Post Project page

The security method reCAPTCHA from Google is now added to Signup, and Post Project page to “protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease”.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA in signup page (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.2

FreelanceEngine version 1.7.2 has bug fixes in display and function, and other improvements.

Bug fix: Display and function

Freelancers can select multi categories in Profile Details

Instead of 1 category, now freelancers can add many categories to show their skills in different fields.

Admin can set the maximum number of categories a freelancer can input in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Content → Maximum number of categories). (more…)

FreelanceEngine Credit to make Escrow payment, no PayPal Adaptive needed

FreelanceEngine Credit Extension 1.0

Credit systems are the norm for digital products. On your freelance marketplace website, FrE Credit Extension works as the virtual currency system. Users (employers & freelancers) pay to buy credits and use these credits to make any transactions on your site. Especially, Credit Extension is integrated into Escrow. Hence, you don’t need complicated PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect API but are still able to use Escrow payment. How to do it? Simply install FrE Credit Extension on your freelance WordPress website.

Try demo Buy now (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine 1.7 – Responsive design & bug fix version

Dear FreelanceEngine customers,

This time, we would walk you through the main points in FreelanceEngine latest version 1.7. The site design is more responsive, and there are bug fixes in PayPal payment, pricing plan, translation, & on mobile version.

Correct payment amount via PayPal

When you activate Escrow system on your project bidding website (Engine Settings → Escrow → Settings), there are 2 methods to set the commission rate: by percentage or by a specific amount. (more…)

AE Pin – Multi-currency payments for Australian small businesses


AE Pin payment gateway

Dear our valued customers,

Our developers have worked hard recently to release new payment gateways to better tailor for your specific needs. We have AE MOLPay for Southeast Asian, AE PayFast for South African, and now AE Pin for Australian businesses. With AE Pin, your ability to compete in global market is much higher since it is now simple to accept multi-currency payments from your international customers.

Try AE Pin in DirectoryEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

AE PayFast – Secure Online Payment for South Africa

AE PayFast payment gateway

PayFast – Payment Gateway for South African & South African websites

We are happy to introduce AE PayFast – a new payment gateway integrated into our themes. PayFast is a payment processing service for South Africans and South African websites. It enables easy, secure and instant transfer of money from online buyers to sellers.

PayFast allows sellers, including individuals, businesses and charities, to accept secure payments from online buyers in a variety of ways. It processes credit cards from anywhere in the world, Instant EFT (bank transfers with SA’s four biggest banks that get instantly verified), Bitcoin and more.

Like AE payment gateway family, AE PayFast can be used in 4 themes: FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine, DiningEngine, & EstateEngine.

Try PayFast in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

Welcome AE MOLPay to EngineThemes payment gateway family

AE MOLPay payment gateway

We are glad to introduce to you AE MOLPay – the new payment gateway integrated into our themes. More payment gateways give more choices for your site’s users when it comes to the payment step. Especially, AE MOLPay is designed to cater for Southeast Asia market, where has seen a significant booming in online shopping behavior.

Try MOLPay in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

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