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Customer Appreciation Month is EngineThemes’ way of demonstrating to customers how much we love them. Therefore, every order placed in March will be given discounts from our partners. Click here for more details!

As a part of EngineThemes Customer Appreciation Month, we are so happy to launch the first ever Customer Contest.

EngineThemes WordPress Contest


Voice up your feedback

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

EngineThemes - Customer Survey

There are things only you, our customers, know best. For you have experienced our products/services and also witnessed our changes throughout the time, you are the best resource for us to reflect and improve.

In this March, in line with our commitment to continuously improve ourselves, we would like to hear your feedback on how EngineThemes has performed.

And as a token of appreciation, you’ll receive a thank-you email for

  • 20% off of your next order with EngineThemes
  • $30 off of your order with Codeable
  • 42% off of your order with Bluehost
  • 25% off of your order with HostGator

and more deals in the inbox. There are no wrong or right answers, just your honest feedback is greatly valuable to us.


Perks of being EngineThemes customers

We’ve been working with awesome people over the last few weeks and finally are able to confirm the good news to EngineThemes’ customers.



Lunar New Year Giveaway


Dear friends,

Thanks for your supporting over the last month. We have set a new sale record and just marked the first quarter of 2015 the best growing one in just the second month compared to the quarters of 2014. That was such a big jump and we’d like to thank you all for your kind encouragement and frank feedback so we can improved ourselves day by day. Certainly, it’s a great chance to celebrate, especially after the Lunar New Year, when people usually send giveaways for good luck throughout the year.

Giveaway Rules:

The giveaway will run from now until the end of February 28th. A random entry will be picked each day for a random giveaway including ClassifiedEngine, JobEngine, DirectoryEngine, FreelanceEngine or 3 extensions of your choice.


Notification on Lunar New Year Holiday 2015


“East or west, home is best.”

Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. Like Christmas when people come back to family, Lunar New Year means the same to Asians.

Thus, we’ll be off from February 14th to February 23rd.


Valentine ‘s around the corner!


Happy Valentine ’s! Our office is already filled with chocolate, clever jokes and laughter. Love is really in the air. Let’s share the happiness together!

From February 9th to 22nd, every theme purchase will get a free related extension. (more…)

Extension Packages for ClassifiedEngine and JobEngine

It’s been a hectic week, but the launch was exciting. We have published theme packages for ClassifiedEngine, JobEngine and multi theme packages that offer themes and extensions altogether with discounts up to 50% total value.

The deals sound fantastic, but what if you already got the themes, and just need the extension plans? We’ve got that covered!


And The Winner Is..

Happy New EngineThemes!
What a great honor to have you joining our relaunch event. There were more than 1,800 entries for the giveaways in just two weeks. We’re really thrilled! Finally, the D-Day has come.


Deal of The Day Week

We LAUNCHED the new website, if you haven’t seen that quote repeatedly in our posts :)! How we’d love to share the joy with you!

If you signed up for the pre-launch giveaways, check out the results here. If you didn’t make it, rest assured! We sent you secret gifts. Why? Today’s everyone’s happy day! Make sure to check your inbox or shoot us an email if you have any question.

You missed the deal? Don’t worry, be happy. We still have many cool events coming up so make sure to subscribe to our blog and get the most updated info on EngineThemes products and promotions. As for now, we offer 40% off of each theme a day. Keep checking back for a surprise everyday. The happy week ends on Jan 12th! The coupon ends at 11.59pm each day. Check out the deals now!


New Year Theme Packages

Showcase Packages_800x463

Hope you had a great holiday vacation. Man, so many interesting things await for you today. First off, check out our new website! Notice the DIFFERENCE?

This new design is created so it can be responsive to any screen size. The UX has also improved so customers can experience the products well before purchasing. Here is an overview for all products so you can have a brief idea of what you’re interested in.

What’s the BIG resolution?


A Very Merry Christmas!


‘Tis the season for gift-giving!

It’s officially Christmas season and it means showers of gifts and fun! We’re kicking off a holiday celebration that offers you 25% discount for all of our themes through December. Simply enter the code XMAS25 at the checkout and take 25% off of your order when purchase any theme from EngineThemes.


EngineThemes Relaunch & New Year Giveaway

EngineThemes is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our website, which will go live on Monday January 5th, 2015. The team has been working hard for months to prepare for the moment. Finally, here we are proudly telling the world about our most delightful work. Check out our pre-launch page here. And THE BEST THING? To celebrate the relaunch of […]

EngineThemes celebrates its 2nd Birthday. Starting the discount season!

EngineThemes turns two years old today! It’s never been so good! As much as you know, the clock’s ticking, just some more hours and we’ll officially turn 2. Thank you very much for those who have sent us all the sweet wishes for our 2nd anniversary. Now, let’s get ready to obtain your presents, the […]

EngineThemes’ 2nd birthday celebration

On November 27th, EngineThemes will have its 2nd birthday. How fast time flies!

For the last two years, we’ve received a lot of love from our dear customers and those supportive words have been our treasure. It’s time for us to give something back. So, let us celebrate this joyful occasion with presents and sweet words.

For this 2nd anniversary, you’ll have a chance to get all our products for FREE right on our birthday – November 27th, 2014.

DirectoryEngine v1.1 with Event management feature. 20% discount for all themes.

As we promised when releasing the first version of DirectoryEngine, the “Events” management feature will be implemented soon. The promise is now fulfilled with the release of DirectoryEngine v1.1 – including a ton of new features as well as bug fixes.

Events management

As it is called, this feature allows users to create their own events for special occasions, which is great to make the places became more appealing.

Users can make different events for different places. For example, if a user has two active places in the site, he then can create a “20% discount” event for his restaurant on weekends while creating another “Free buffet” event for his hotel.

Besides, this is not just about “discount”, it can also be considered as a notification to remind the customers about your places.

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