FreelanceEngine Milestone Is Rolled Out In Public. Welcome To FreelanceEngine User Community!

freelance milestone

Dear our beloved customers,

As announced in the last blog post, in this year, we’ll focus more on improving the UX/UI flow as well as developing our product with the highest quality. Today, we’re glad to provide you the official milestone of FreelanceEngine in the Q1 & Q2. Here’s the list of features and improvements covered in the two next quarters:

  • Theme Improvement 1.7.13
  • AE Custom Field Improvement
  • Employer cannot accept a bid when the total amount is equal to the credit balance
  • Bug fixes involved in PayPal currency, translation, etc.


FrE Braintree Is Officially Released, Integrated With FreelanceEngine Theme!!

After a few weeks of extensive working, today we’re thrilled to announce you that FrE Braintree is officially released. We decide to conduct this extension with the aim of providing you and your users more choices when checkout besides current payment gateways on FreelanceEngine site.

Braintree is currently available to merchants in 44 countries around the world and supports 130+ currencies. No matter where your users are located, they can easily check out since Braintree supports multiple payment methods, including almost all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Additionally, it accepts online and mobile payments such as Venmo, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

It’s quite easy to set up and use Braintree as a payment gateway on your site. If you are located in the list of countries that Braintree currently serves, you only need to have a merchant account and your site is running FreelanceEngine theme. That’s enough!!

In order to understand the flow as well as setting process, please follow the detailed guide below:

FrE Braintree – A payment platform for businesses across the globe

We are glad to announce you that FrE Braintree extension – a new payment gateway is officially released. Now users on your site can easily use their payment cards, PayPal, Venmo, or Bitcoin at checkout. Along with its convenience, Braintree is also one of the most secure payment gateways in the world with the high level of security. It ensures that all information of users cannot be leaked and stolen when they declare or check out online. As a result, Braintree is currently trusted and used by many of the major brands such as Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox, or GitHub. For all these reasons, we believe that Braintree is one of the best payment methods for online marketplace.

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MicrojobEngine PLUS Package is now available. Pre-order today at $119!

MicrojobEngine PLUS Package Pre-order

Today is a special day. MicrojobEngine – the ultimate marketplace WordPress theme is now upgraded to PLUS PACKAGE.

This is such a huge milestone for the whole team in order to celebrate MicrojobEngine 1st birthday. Though there are 8 weeks till birthday, we can’t wait that long and decided to enjoy the moment from now.

What does this all mean? Well it means you don’t need to wait until MicrojobEngine birthday to own PLUS Package but have it right from today. And the price is so reasonable you can hardly refuse. Especially, birthday is the time for special treat, so the price is even lower than it normally is.

Enter code  MJEPLUS  at checkout to get MicrojobEngine PLUS Package at $119!


EngineThemes Partners & Perks

EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.



Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.6


In DirectoryEngine version 2.1.6, Google Map API Key is supported, place owner can reply the private email, and a notification for Geolocation is added. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.5


DirectoryEngine version 2.1.5 is released with improvements supporting for SEO, and bug fixes in Visual Composer, default avatar, color categories. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.4


In DirectoryEngine version 2.1.4, blog posts are filtered properly by category, sort by rating functions seamlessly, and other bugs are also fixed. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.3


In DirectoryEngine v2.1.3, multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile. (more…)

Our themes are now compatible with WordPress 4.5

wordpress 4.5 compatibility

WordPress version 4.5 has been released with new features, and other improvements. To keep up with the changes, these following themes are updated to be fully compatible with WP 4.5: (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.1

DirectoryEngine version 2.1.1 has some bug fixes & improvements made on both mobile and desktop.

Bug fixes – Header display, “Load more” review, numbered list format & new place email notification

Better header display of “Submit a place”

When DE map is not added to the top sidebar in homepage, “Submit a place” button did not display properly when scrolled up from the page bottom. The bug is fixed in this version.

Load more in Review widget functions properly   

In a single place page, you can load to see more reviews on the right column but there was some issue with Load more button. We have solved this so it should run well now. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1

In DirectoryEngine 2.1, new email template is added, VC blocks are improved, the theme is better compatible with WPML, and rich snippets for SEO work properly.

New email template for New event

A new email is added to the email templates. When there’s a new event submitted on site, this email is sent to admin to review that event. Email template in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Mailing).

directoryengine update 2.1 - new event mail template (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine 2.0.1 & DiningEngine 1.2.3

Dear customers,

This week, we would like to inform you of the new release of DirectoryEngine version 2.0.1 and DiningEngine version 1.2.3.

In DirectoryEngine 2.0.1, there is a new email template about cash payment pending, better mega menu rendering, new Area VC block for place collection & some bug fixes. On the other hand, DiningEngine 1.2.3 has the UI updated. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine 2.0, DE Multirating 1.4.2 & AE Custom Fields 1.2.2

Happy new year beloved DirectoryEngine customers,

Since it is new year so we want to do something special for the directory theme version 2.0 with the update in UI besides improvements and bug fixes. Also, since the UI is improved, DE Multirating users are advised to update the extension to the newest version 1.4.2 for better compatibility. Lastly, AE Custom Fields extension is upgraded to version 1.2.2. Let’s go into details of each release.

DirectoryEngine 2.0 – UI update, new features, & bug fixes


Update: DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 & DE Multirating 1.4.1

Merry Christmas to our beloved customers,

How’s your holiday going? I believe everything is ready, beautiful decoration, happy Christmas melody, and also sweet gift boxes. Our team has some small gifts for you too, as sweet as technical it is, the new release of DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 and DE Multirating 1.4.1. Bugs in blog display and default map zoom are fixed; and the extension DE Multirating is compatible with directory listing theme, more responsive and supports SEO with Schema Markup.

DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 – Seamless blog and map display

DE Blog in homepage

The content details of the blog were not displayed in the homepage. However, the bug is fixed now so your articles will show up properly on your blog from the homepage. (more…)

AE Pin – Multi-currency payments for Australian small businesses


AE Pin payment gateway

Dear our valued customers,

Our developers have worked hard recently to release new payment gateways to better tailor for your specific needs. We have AE MOLPay for Southeast Asian, AE PayFast for South African, and now AE Pin for Australian businesses. With AE Pin, your ability to compete in global market is much higher since it is now simple to accept multi-currency payments from your international customers.

Try AE Pin in DirectoryEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine v1.9.5 – UI & UX improvements

Have a great week our dear customers!

This week we would announce the latest release of DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5 with improvements such as Visual Composer compatibility, new Color Scheme added, pending place notification bar, and some bug fixes.

[Improvements] Better UI & UX with Visual Composer, color scheme, new notification, and time format

Visual Composer compatibility

In previous version, there were some issues with Visual Composer plugin, causing ads not to be displayed properly.

Now, DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5 has better compatibility with Visual Composer plugin. You can be assured of seamless ads rendering in the homepage. (more…)

AE PayFast – Secure Online Payment for South Africa

AE PayFast payment gateway

PayFast – Payment Gateway for South African & South African websites

We are happy to introduce AE PayFast – a new payment gateway integrated into our themes. PayFast is a payment processing service for South Africans and South African websites. It enables easy, secure and instant transfer of money from online buyers to sellers.

PayFast allows sellers, including individuals, businesses and charities, to accept secure payments from online buyers in a variety of ways. It processes credit cards from anywhere in the world, Instant EFT (bank transfers with SA’s four biggest banks that get instantly verified), Bitcoin and more.

Like AE payment gateway family, AE PayFast can be used in 4 themes: FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine, DiningEngine, & EstateEngine.

Try PayFast in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

Welcome AE MOLPay to EngineThemes payment gateway family

AE MOLPay payment gateway

We are glad to introduce to you AE MOLPay – the new payment gateway integrated into our themes. More payment gateways give more choices for your site’s users when it comes to the payment step. Especially, AE MOLPay is designed to cater for Southeast Asia market, where has seen a significant booming in online shopping behavior.

Try MOLPay in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

DirectoryEngine tutorial: How to replace map with slider on top sidebar

directoryengine tutorial 1

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since we last did a tutorial for DirectoryEngine users. Recently, we have received many constructive feedbacks for our multi-purpose directory listing theme, one of which is the display of sliding images on the top sidebar instead of the map. A slider demonstration is likely to give your directory website a more refreshing and enjoyable look than a map is. (more…)

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