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EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.



Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.7

estateengine - real estate wordpress theme

EstateEngine v1.3.7 has been updated with bug fixes in the submit a property page and floor plan form. The pagination bug is solved as well. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.6


EstateEngine v1.3.6 has been released with improvements and bug fixes in the place detail and list user pages. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.5


EstateEngine v1.3.5 has been released with Google Maps API Key improvement and bug fixes. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.4


EstateEngine v1.3.4 has just released to fixes UI bugs of the warning icon display and notification. Others issues in the Submit a Property are solved as well. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.3


Bug fixes

  • Marker Clustering is shown on the map.
  • Header no longer disappears when user scrolls up the page.
  • The flow of claim feature works properly. From now on, user cannot approve his own claim, only admin can. Besides, “Deny” button is also added in the approval form.


Our themes are now compatible with WordPress 4.5

wordpress 4.5 compatibility

WordPress version 4.5 has been released with new features, and other improvements. To keep up with the changes, these following themes are updated to be fully compatible with WP 4.5: (more…)

Update: EstateEngine 1.3.1 – Bug fix version

Happy new year! Let’s start a year with this new release of EstateEngine 1.3.1. This is a bug fix version with three major points, including comment reply, comment indentation, and pagination im homepage.

Reply button available for Comment tab

In detail page of each property listing, there are two tabs: Review & Comment. Your users can leave replies to comments as well as reviews. Yet, there was a bug when replies to a review appeared in Comment tab.

In this version, we decided to make the reply function only available for Comment tab. Users can no longer leave replies in Review. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine 1.3 – Agent Review feature

Hi guys,

We are happy to release the new version of EstateEngine 1.3. In this version, we fix bugs of rendering in homepage, log in site, blog details, & develop a new feature with which registered users can write reviews for other agents.

[Bug fixes] Proper display for better user flow

In this version, bugs relating to display are now fixed for better rendering and more appropriate user flow. (more…)

AE Pin – Multi-currency payments for Australian small businesses


AE Pin payment gateway

Dear our valued customers,

Our developers have worked hard recently to release new payment gateways to better tailor for your specific needs. We have AE MOLPay for Southeast Asian, AE PayFast for South African, and now AE Pin for Australian businesses. With AE Pin, your ability to compete in global market is much higher since it is now simple to accept multi-currency payments from your international customers.

Try AE Pin in DirectoryEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

AE PayFast – Secure Online Payment for South Africa

AE PayFast payment gateway

PayFast – Payment Gateway for South African & South African websites

We are happy to introduce AE PayFast – a new payment gateway integrated into our themes. PayFast is a payment processing service for South Africans and South African websites. It enables easy, secure and instant transfer of money from online buyers to sellers.

PayFast allows sellers, including individuals, businesses and charities, to accept secure payments from online buyers in a variety of ways. It processes credit cards from anywhere in the world, Instant EFT (bank transfers with SA’s four biggest banks that get instantly verified), Bitcoin and more.

Like AE payment gateway family, AE PayFast can be used in 4 themes: FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine, DiningEngine, & EstateEngine.

Try PayFast in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

Welcome AE MOLPay to EngineThemes payment gateway family

AE MOLPay payment gateway

We are glad to introduce to you AE MOLPay – the new payment gateway integrated into our themes. More payment gateways give more choices for your site’s users when it comes to the payment step. Especially, AE MOLPay is designed to cater for Southeast Asia market, where has seen a significant booming in online shopping behavior.

Try MOLPay in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29 (more…)

EstateEngine version 1.2 is compatible with WordPress 4.3

EstateEngine version 1.2 is now compatible with WordPress 4.3

The latest version of EstateEngine- EstateEngine version 1.2 is now available. This update focuses on the compatibility of EstateEngine version 1.2 and WordPress 4.3.

Compatible with WordPress 4.3

EstateEngine 1.2 (more…)

Complete your real estate website with EstateEngine v1.1.1



EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

In EstateEngine version 1.1.1, the display errors have been fixed so that users can have a better experience in your real estate site:


Is EstateEngine a good practice for your real estate website?

EstateEngine is a WordPress application theme which helps you to build up a real estate website.

Using it, you can create an online community where users can: find the deals, do the research, get properties sold, connect with other investors, learn how to improve the businesses…and even more.

WordPress Customizer now works in FreelanceEngine version 1.5.3

FreelaneEngine version 1.5.3

Previously, there was some problems with customization feature in FreelanceEngine. The loading speed was slow and sometimes you couldn’t make changes for the theme.

The problem has been fixed in this version, theme color customization is updated and moved to front-end. You can set color right in the front-end without trouble now.

Moreover, FreelanceEngine is totally compatible with ET Mailing. You can start using it to track and manage email notification in your site.

freelanceengine 1.6


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