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EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.



Update: JobEngine version


In the JobEngine version, admin can enter their API Key for Google Maps. Other bug fixes in the job detail, create a resume, and resume pages are fixed as well. (more…)

Update: JobEngine version


In JobEngine version, JE Jobroll is compatible with WordPress 4.5, bugs in ET Slider plugin, Create Resume page are properly fixed (more…)

Update: JobEngine version

JobEngine version fixes bugs in Page Generator, author display and Custom Fields compatibility with WPML.

JobEngine update

Automatic Page Generator runs seamlessly

Now you can enable Page Generator in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → General) and it will automatically create new pages in front-end.

JobEngine update - Automatic Page Generator (more…)

Update: JobEngine version removes JE PayPal Express extension

This week welcomes the newest release JobEngine version with 3 core updates: JE PayPal Express removal, WPML bug fixes, and map translation improvement.

JE PayPal Express extension removed from product list

jobengine update 1 (more…)

Extensions removed: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express

We’d like to give you a quick announcement about the removal from our sale page of 3 following extensions: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express.

extensions removed (more…)

IMPORTANT: New Price Policy for FreelanceEngine PLUS & PRO Package, and Mega Power Package

From the beginning of this year, besides individual items, we decided to add to product list the packages including theme and compatible extensions with special discount. For nearly one year offering these packages, our statistics show an impressive number of customers choosing product packages for their business.

We could not have made this without our beloved customers. So we would like to give special thanks to all of you for trusting and supporting our team along this journey. We are working hard to improve user satisfaction with many new extensions added to the packages in the near future.

Today, we would like to announce the change in price of FreelanceEngine PRO Package, and in detailed inclusion of FreelanceEngine PLUS, and Mega Power Package. (more…)

Update: JobEngine version compatible with WordPress 4.3 and Visual Composer 4.7.4

Compatible with WordPress 4.3 and Visual Composer 4.7.4

Highly customizable theme & better interactive page builder:

jobengine update (more…)

EngineThemes’ updates: JobEngine, QAEngine, ForumEngine

This week updates focus on some bug fixes so that your site performance will be better.

QAEngine version 1.5.3

A new option is added in QAEngine: Login to view Answer. The name speaks for itself, if you enable this option, users have to log in to view the answers.

login to view answer-QAEngine


Introducing JE PayUMoney

Not too long ago, we made a promise to implement PayUMoney to JobEngine. Today, we’re happy to announce that the promise has been fulfilled.

PayUMoney is now official compatible with JobEngine. Just like how it works in FreelanceEngine and DirectoryEngine, you just have to complete some simple settings and it’s ready to use.




Quick update for JobEngine

JobEngine job board theme & plugin wordpress version 2.9.9

JobEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes:


  • Fix “PayPal, 2CheckOut payment” issue: The payment gateways work fine now.
  • Fix “Footer” issue: The white space after the footer has been removed.
  • The text ““Job Board Software | powered by WordPress” has been removed.
  • Fix “Sign up” issue: You won’t meet any trouble when signing up using LinkedIn anymore.
  • Fix “Attach” issue: The attachment will be sent to the companies via emails. Also, the zip files are now readable.
  • Fix “Notification” issue: There’ll be a notification informing the suitable files when the job seekers submit their applications.
  • The “Reset password” works well now.
  • Fix “JE RSS” issue: the extension now works fine. Users will be re-directed to the original page when apply via mobiles and the imported jobs will be saved completely.


Updates: FreelanceEngine version 1.2, DirectoryEngine version 1.4, JobEngine version 2.9.3

After a short time being improved, these themes are once again updated to the latest versions with some new features, which helps to enhance user interface usability.

FreelanceEngine version 1.1.2

Implement “Workspace” feature

With the latest version of FreelanceEngine, users will find it’s easier to communicate with each other. From now on, they’ll have an onsite private place to contact, give more detailed information as well as discuss about the projects.
This is a special place applied for those who involve in a specific project, which are employer and accepted freelancer only. After an employer accepts a freelancer, he can access the workspace via the project details page and so as the freelancers.

Updates: QAEngine v1.3, JE Coupon v1.7, JE Custom Fields v2.2, CE Coupon v1.2

QAEngine version 1.3

Filter bad words

Speaking generally, since QAEngine is also an online community where people share their opinions, there’ll come a time when you have to face some unwelcome users. As an admin, of course you want to keep your site as civilized as possible and so do the users. In order to help you prevent the bad words in your site, a new feature is implemented: Filter bad words.

bad words be-QAEngine

JobEngine is back with the new version: v2.9.2

JobEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes to enhance the site’s performance.

Compatible with WP 4.0

With the new version, JobEngine’s totally compatible with WordPress v4.0, you don’t have to face incompatible troubles anymore.
The “tiny mce editor” issue is also fix, the text editor works fine now.

Updates: ForumEngine v1.4.9, JobEngine v2.9, JE Coupon v1.5 and ET slider v1.1.1

– The new version of ForumEngine is implemented with captcha option. If you enable this function, users have to enter captcha when they create a new topic. However,admins can also choose which category or user role to enable the captcha function.

Check out new updates of JobEngine

In this new version of JobEngine, we’ve changed its template JS, which will help it compatible with more hostings. Besides, a bunch of extensions are also updated to get along with JE latest version:
– JE Indeed v3.5
– ET Slider v1.1
– JE SimplyHired v1.1.2
– JE RSS v2.2.2

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