Version 1.1

Custom Order

Buyers can send the seller a custom order with the detailed requirements, sample files and budget. When the seller receives that order, he will be able to send back an offer with the pricing information and an estimated timeframe. Once the buyer accepts the offer, the ordering workflow will work in the same way as in normal orders.

Post Request

If the buyer doesn’t find any mJob suitable for his demand, he can submit a request with detailed description, sample file and budget. This request can be accessed by all Sellers right in their dashboard. The Sellers can browse through a list of buyer requests and choose to make an offer for any request he wants. The system will automatically notify the buyer.

Checkout by Credit

User can use his credits to order and make a payment. If the credit balance was enough for a purchase, the system will automatically offer an additional option to purchase by credits. The payment system makes sure that the users’ money stay safe.

Version 1.2

Featured mJob

Admin can create mJob package plans for upgrades. After upgrading, seller’s mJobs will be prioritized in the mJob list or result list. Users can upgrade mJob by credits (if necessary). If your website does not use the credit system, users can make payment via payment gateways.

Report mJob

User can report a fraud of a mJob to admin.

Ban User

Admin is able to block a user account temporarily or permanently. Email notification will be sent to that user.

Post mJob on Mobile


Email notification helps users quickly update the latest events in the marketplace. News about Order, mJob status, Messages, Withdrawal or Offer are delivered to Users right away.

Version 1.3


Shipping Fee


Version 1.4

Upgrade Search Function

MjE Collection

Let users create a mJob collection and add more mJobs to that collection. Users can share his collection publicly or set it to private. Admins can publish a list of favorite collections on homepage.

MjE Sell History / Review

While working on a mJob, 2 sides are free to allow the other to publish review information on his sale page.
Seller can request buyer publish buyer’s purchase history on his own mJob profile.
Buyer can request seller publish seller’s purchase history on his order description page.

MjE Auto withdraw

MjE Service Package