Your hotel's excellent service should start from your website. EngineThemes provides a complete solution - a package of two themes and a booking plugin - for an awesome online demonstration of your hotel.


What makes our themes a wiser choice?

They care for your clients. How they look and how they work is designed for modern users. Plus a dedicated team of WordPress professionals ensures the themes don't get outdated.

And even more, a Booking Plugin

A booking solution created to make reservations and payment process easier for your hotel’s guests. Works compatibly with other WordPress themes.

Optimized Booking Flow
A focused booking flow signals a good start of your excellent service. Save your guests' time and make them feel secure.
Booking Management
An advanced booking management in backend that allows admins to modify details of all bookings or even manually add one.
Standalone Booking Solution
Not only working well with our themes, BookingEngine comes with its own modern design and can be used with other themes as well.
Detailed Invoice for Guests
A printable invoice with all booking information is provided after payment and is sent to the guest's inbox. Works like a receipt on hand.
Multiple Payment Methods
Paypal and Manual payments are built-in. Even better, more payment options such as 2Checkout and Google Wallet are coming.

Pricing plans for HotelEngine

HotelEngine is a package consisting of two hotel themes and a booking plugin. Choose the option that works best for your business!

  • $89
  • 1 HotelEngine Theme (Comfy or Classy)
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  • $49
  • BookingEngine Plugin
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  • $119 (SAVE 14%)
  • 1 HotelEngine Theme (Comfy or Classy)
  • BookingEngine Plugin
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  • $169 (SAVE 25%)
  • 2 HotelEngine Themes
  • BookingEngine Plugin
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