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EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.

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Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6

FreelanceEngine update

In FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6, the freelancer can “Resolved” a Milestone, the free package no longer exists, and other bugs are also fixed (more…)

Why the latest version of WordPress enhances your site Security

WordPress security - up to date

The most important reason to keep your WordPress up-to-date is arguably the security issue.

This article will explain why it is a good practice to use the latest version of WordPress for your website, what need to be updated and how to do it yourself. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.4


In DirectoryEngine version 2.1.4, blog posts are filtered properly by category, sort by rating functions seamlessly, and other bugs are also fixed. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.5

QAEngine updateFrom QAEngine v2.0.5, admin can turn off the Pump Question on Q&A site, multiple bugs are fixed as well (more…)

Update: DiningEngine version 1.2.6


In DiningEngine version 1.2.6, the restaurant images are shown in Review tab, multiple bugs in Visual Composer Settings are fixed (more…)

Update: MicrojobEngine v1.0.5


In MicrojobEngine v1.0.5, time countdown is added, more features in conversation and dispute are upgraded as well (more…)

Define your Micro Job Business Model

define micro job business model

Marketplace is an exchange platform where values are created by initiating exchanges between buyers and sellers. The typical character of a marketplace is that “It takes two to tango”. Both sides of providers (also called sellers) and consumers (buyers) have to be brought to the platform to trigger the exchanges. Transactions are only carried out when there are buyers who need things done and sellers who are willing to do such things. (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.3


In DirectoryEngine v2.1.3, multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.5

FreelanceEngine update

In FreelanceEngine v1.7.5, new features are improved & multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile to be compatible with WordPress 4.5. (more…)

Make WordPress Safer by Choosing a Quality Web Host

WordPress security tip 4 - Choose a Quality Host

Whether your site is used for personal purpose or runs as a business, security is of utmost importance. Surely, being attacked and loss of data are the nightmares for every website. Do you know that approximately 41% of WordPress websites were hacked due to security vulnerability on the host? That figure somehow reflects how necessary it is to have a quality host. (more…)

How to Limit Login Attempts on your WordPress website

wordpress security tip - limit login attempts

Don’t wait until your website is hacked that you start to care about security methods. Everything brought online runs the risk of being hacked. WordPress is not an exception. To make the matter worse, greater popularity of this platform as compared to others causes WordPress to become a common target for hackers. (more…)

Our themes are now compatible with WordPress 4.5

wordpress 4.5 compatibility

WordPress version 4.5 has been released with new features, and other improvements. To keep up with the changes, these following themes are updated to be fully compatible with WP 4.5: (more…)

Happy May Day! Enjoy 20% off any items

May Day 20% off

Happy May Day!

Only once a year May Day comes.

Hello good days, here comes a special site-wide promotion for you. Enjoy 20% discount for any items (themes, extensions, or even packages).

Just use promo code MAYDAY20 at check-out.

The deal will last 4 days from April 30, 2016 to May 03, 2016. Don’t miss it or you will regret. Go to EngineThemes now to enjoy our coolest stuff for the best price!


Wish you a happy holiday!

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Announcement: Support delay on Labour Day

Announcement: Labor Day Holiday

Dear our valued customers,

Please be informed that EngineThemes will be closed for Labor Day on May 02, 2016 & May 03, 2016. During this time, our customer service would have some delay. All your requests will be resolved when we resume our work on May 04, 2016.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the delay may cause.
Thanks for your understanding and continuous support! Wish you a happy holiday!

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Update: MicrojobEngine 1.0.4 – paused mJob not shown in search result

MicrojobEngine update

In MicrojobEngine 1.0.4, paused mJobs are not displayed in search result, customize bar, order detail are improved, & other improvements and bug fixes. (more…)

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