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How to Build a Freelance Bidding Website with WordPress

How to Build a Freelance Bidding Website with WordPress

Freelancing websites play a perfect role in connecting clients in need of getting projects done and freelancers, from all over the world, who are willing to provide services and get paid. For two sides to come together, freelancers can bid for any potential projects and clients will pick the most suitable one for their projects.

Having the intention of building a freelancing site, you must be wondering what steps you should take to realize your idea and bring it online. This is also the topic I’ll be covering shortly. But before that, I will talk about freelance marketplace concept as well as niche markets for your business. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.10


ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.10 is updated with Google Maps API Key improvement and bug fixes. (more…)

Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.6


EstateEngine v1.3.6 has been released with improvements and bug fixes in the place detail and list user pages. (more…)

How a Good Advanced Search on Directory Site makes your Customers Happier

advanced search in directory site

Search box is among those elements that are usually underestimated and put behind big things like sales pages. However, search box is an effective navigation tool giving users quick access to information, which saves users a lot of time and makes them feel happier. Therefore, designing a search bar on your website is necessary to create a smoother user flow.

In this post, I will go into details about why you need a search bar on your directory website and some tips to consider for an effective search bar design. (more…)

What’s changed in the FreelanceEngine v1.7.9?

Tut FrE 1.7.9

FreelanceEngine has been released the latest version 1.7.9 with several significant changes to minimize bugs as well as make your site run smoother. With this update, you have no confusion in using credit and everything also becomes easier than ever when you can decide to either enable or disable the secure code, select the page slug from the dropdown, etc. (more…)

Update: FreelanceEngine version 1.7.9

FreelanceEngine update

FreelanceEngine 1.7.9 has been released with a lot of changes and bug fixes in the theme, FrE Credit and Stripe Escrow plugins. (more…)

Key Features of a Freelance Website (Part 2)

key features in a freelance website

In the previous post, I went over core important features that should be cared for in the first stages of building your freelancing website. After getting your site up and running with such key functions, it’s time you considered furnituring your site with supplementary features to attract more users. So this post is about additional features needed for a freelance website. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.8

QAEngine update

In QAEngine v2.0.8 is out with bug fixes on both desktop & mobile browser. (more…)

Design Your Micro Service Website following These 4 Principles (Part 2)

Design your micro service website following these 4 principles

In the previous article, I went over important notes of Design Principle 1 – how to create a good user flow for service providers. This post will cover the other 3 principles – what you need to focus on to provide buyers with an ideal micro service marketplace destination, and how to design account and profile settings.  


Design Your Micro Service Website following These 4 Principles (Part 1)

Design your micro service website following these 4 principles

Theoretically, a micro job platform must include 4 main principles: buying, selling, profile settings, and account settings. According to your business model, these four principles are to be considered thoroughly to match the concept of your platform. That said, among these 4 fundamentals, selling and buying activities are the most important as they are responsible for triggering transactions between buyers and sellers on your micro job marketplace. Meanwhile, transactions are the ultimate purpose you aim to capture. Hence, a strong platform is more likely to handle micro job orders seamlessly.

This article will discuss in depth the first principle in a series of 4 principles to provide you with an overview about how to design your micro job marketplace and make it work effectively.


Update: EstateEngine version 1.3.5


EstateEngine v1.3.5 has been released with Google Maps API Key improvement and bug fixes. (more…)

Key Features of a Freelance Website (Part 1)

key features in a freelance website

Outsourcing service has become popular thanks to multiple benefits it brings to business. It is especially the case for small and medium businesses since you can’t do all the jobs by yourself. Freelancing websites have raised as a platform connecting project owners and skillful freelancers.

If you’re planning to develop a freelancing website offering this kind of service but haven’t determined yet what features are needed, take a look at this article. There are 2 parts in this series; in part 1 I will go over core features to get your site up and running, then part 2 will introduce other additional features to help you build an advanced freelance website.    (more…)

Update: DirectoryEngine version 2.1.6


In DirectoryEngine version 2.1.6, Google Map API Key is supported, place owner can reply the private email, and a notification for Geolocation is added. (more…)

10 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates

improve conversion rates

Having a high conversion rate is what all businesses want for their websites. It also means the website is effectively designed in the way that attracts a great number of visitors to take the desired action, which, for most eCommerce sites, is to buy a product or service. As a result, the more visitors are converted into customers, the more revenue for your business.

While marketing strategies, such as SEO, Google ads, social marketing, try to drive more traffic to your website, conversion optimization plans play an important role in turning your site visitors into customers. (more…)

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