Coded to increase your revenue

Stripe allows you to take credit card payments on your site without having sensitive information hitting your server.

All you've got to do is getting 2 API keys and you're done. We refine and do the iteration, so you don't have to. It's a tailored experience.

Stop trying to do it alone

Stripe payment form is well embeddable on any desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Customers can pay instantly on site, without being redirected away to complete the transaction.

But more than a payment form, Stripe takes security seriously. Credit card data is sent directly to Stripe, no passing through your server. Believe it or not, you're never tempted to store these sensitive data on your server.

Eat without chewing

You shouldn't have to be an expert in payments to build a business. We believe payment is a problem rooted in code, not finance. Stripe eliminates needless complexity, you can start accepting payments in less than 10 minutes.

As your business grows, using Stripe helps you scale payments easily. Simply put, it's a tailored experience.

Yes, I Want It!

Stripe is full of little touches to make things easier for your customers. Marketplaces shouldn’t have to build all that from scratch, that's why we made Stripe extension to provide the best payment flow for your marketplace.

Your payments should meet the same high standards as your product experience: with just a tap, Stripe allows buyers to complete the transaction and helps sellers on your marketplace get paid.

People want MjE Stripe because...
Yes, it’s time for dinner
Wait! The burger isn't yet ready if...
  • Your bank is not in one of the countries Stripe supports
  • You are currently ok with another payment gateway
  • You don't think Stripe is good. It's really good!
  • You simply love payment page. And don't want to change
  • You only want one payment option in your site
  • You're an IT guru. You love technology and coding on your own.
A bit inspiration to go with Stripe

John and Patrick first started working on Stripe in early 2010. The inspiration came when Patrick, who was working on a few side projects, kept complaining about how difficult it was to accept payments on the web.

For those wondering why many haven’t heard of Stripe when it was first launched, it’s because the team has planned to turn on the marketing as soon as they were sure the product was right.

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MjE Stripe

MjE Stripe Extension


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You might ask. So we have answers
Where can I find setup documentation?
Where can I find support?
It's very simple. Visit our Support Channel and choose "I have a technical question".
What are the minimum requirements to install MjE Stripe?
MicrojobEngine 1.2, WordPress 4.6.x and PHP 5.6++. That's all for now.
Which countries does Stripe support?
Stripe is available in many countries and is constantly expanding to more. To see whether your country is supported, visit Stripe Global page.
Does Stripe require that my site have an SSL certificate?
All pages that include a payment form should be prefixed with https://, not http://. Technically, credit card data will be stored on Stripe server. But if you need perfection, please consider a SSL certificate.
Is MjE Stripe compatible with other themes?
This is the first extension for MicrojobEngine. And it's exclusively built to be compatible with just MicrojobEngine.