With useful upgrade, FreelanceEngine Theme makes setting up and administrating your site easier and smoother

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Hi guys,

After the first FreelanceEngine release in 2014, we have won the trust of many customers and received constructive feedbacks to optimize FreelanceEngine Theme. Our theme offers a marketplace where employers and freelancers can match with each other to get jobs done. FreelanceEngine Theme has everything you need for a freelance marketplace website. All you need to do is simply dragging and dropping to set up your own unique site. And now after months of intense work, we are ready for an impressive comeback  with remarkably innovative features, making FreelanceEngine Theme an even more practical and easy-to-use site for all of you. So we are proudly re-introducing to you our cornerstone – FreelanceEngine Theme.

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We Shape Innovative Development


At EngineThemes, our customers are put at the center of every product development. Hence, we made this FreelanceEngine Theme innovation with a view to creating the best theme, which is also the simplest and easiest-to-use platform for users’ optimal interaction comfort.

Specifically, when posting a project, employers now do not have to wait for freelancers to apply for the job but can actively search for the most appropriate candidates and invite them to bid for the project. This Bidding Invitation function is efficient as it not only helps fitting the right employers and freelancers but also shortens time for a project to be completed.

What’s more? Our brand new extension – FrE Milestone – plays as an effective project tracker when allowing employer to add a road map of what needs to be done in his project. FrE Milestone is expected to better assist employer in project control, to set out specific steps for freelancer to follow easily, and to be useful for admin in case of dispute.

On the other hand, FrE Private Message – another new cool extension provides a prework private communicating space for employers and potential freelancers to form a general understanding of each other before working on the project. This function helps enhance trust; thus, increasing chance of selecting the most appropriate partner.

Another notable extension is Escrow Stripe – an add-on to our payment gateways. Besides our current popular gateways including Paypal, Paymill, SagePay, and PayUMoney, integrating Escrow Stripe into the theme increases the number of possible payment methods so that you can conveniently choose the most relevant ones.

We Craft A Simple But Practical Theme

In addition to new features mentioned above, there are surely other essential functions, all of which form the skeleton of FreelanceEngine theme.

Sustainable Income Tool:

income tool

Sure that we take profit generating ability into our key criteria. Money can run in your pocket by many ways. You can offer different pricing plans for posting jobs, or featuring jobs with ads included. Plus, with Escrow system, you can earn from project bidding and charge comissions for every transaction.

Endlessly Customizable Without Coding:

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty in setting up your site, you know how disruptive it could be. If you are on the hunt for the perfect minimalist WordPress theme, then you are at the right place. FreelanceEngine Theme allows you to quickly customize your site with our page builder so that you are never in trouble again.

Escrow Ready:

Design-Image-for-Escrow-Stripe-Introduction (1)

Integrating Escrow system into the theme boosts trust of your site. Project bidding and transaction processes have never been this safe and easy with Escrow playing the role of third party to hold the money until the project is satisfied with.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

FreelanceEngine overview 7

Now there is no more headache worrying how money can be transferred from this end to the other end of the globe. No matter where you are, there is surely a gate for your money to reach you at the door via popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Direct Bank Tranfer, MOLPay, PayU, Sagepay, Woocommerce And 20+ More.

Responsive design:

FreelanceEngine overview 8

FreelanceEngine Theme is made for all devices at all sizes. Not only is it perfectly utilized on desktop screen but it is also adaptable on mobile and tablet devices. 

Check out the theme demo

We Have A Lively/Refreshing List Of Impressive Features

We are working on producing more and more useful features to establish a superior freelance website. Utilizing these add-on functions, your site is without doubt an ideal land for freelancers.

  • Intuitive Page Builder to create, drag and drop content blocks with Visual Composer
  • Responsive Web Design which is fast and adaptable for any device
  • Mobile SEO Friendly which integrates Yoast SEO and mobile friendly
  • Insightful Overview with graphs of your site revenues, projects, registers
  • Live notification never lets you miss on any event
  • Project Submission in 4 simple steps
  • Project Editing helps you control contents of projects
  • Multiple Project Bidding enables freelancers to bid free or bid premium
  • Advanced Search by keyword, sorting, filtering methods
  • Dispute Management by acting as a neutral third-party to resolve debates
  • Project Workspace for confidential message exchange
  • Freelancer Profile increases chance to get noticed by potential employers
  • Review System available for both employers and freelancers
  • Easy Style Picker to change style & appearance right in homepage
  • Premium Slider turns your site into a livelier one with various slides
  • User Dashboard to get control of everything happening on your site
  • Payment Plan to offer different payment packages for project posting
  • Sidebars to move widgets to suitable sidebars
  • Installation & Update to get new update notification and change slugs quickly in the back-end
  • Popular Extensions compatible with popular WordPress extensions, such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider which are integrated into our theme, or other extentions such as WP Total Cache, Yoast SEO, etc.

FreelanceEngine overview 9

Big Events Are Coming To Town

To mark the new milestone of FreelanceEngine Theme and show gratitude to our dear customers who have been with us through the journey, we are launching a big thank-you event. Therefore, with this comeback, EngineThemes is happy to offer 25% off coupon for all FreelanceEngine items, including FreelanceEngine theme, its packages, extensions and installation.


EXPIRATION DATE: 31st October, 2015.

So what are you waiting for? More and more cool products will be coming out soon so do not miss this chance to own the most innovative freelance marketplace website. 

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  • Gabriel
    Oct  20TH,  2015

    Hi guys,

    First of all, sorry for post this question here.

    I have attempted to email you guys a week ago without answer. I have tryed to join the forum, but only costumers can join there, and from the affiliate dashboard there is no contact field.

    I’m concern about my affiliate payout. Would like to know if and when it will be paid.

    I have made two more sales and have pass the $50. Today is the last day of payments and since i didn’t get any response from the email send to you, i’m trying to contact you guys from the comments.

    The email used to post this comment is the same of my affiliate account, so feel free to check it out and email me with your answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Joanie Lam
      Oct  22ND,  2015

      Hi Gabriel,

      Firstly, sorry for the late response.

      Our support staff has just sent you an email. Please kindly check it out and feel free to contact us if you have any further concern.



  • Safi
    Jan  26TH,  2016

    Hey guys,
    I’ve been hovering over the freelanceengine theme for few days but in order to get off to a good start with all the features and extension I wouldn’t want anything less than the Pro version.
    Having said that, the price is a bit too steep for me at this point. I read your new letter and there is a 25% coupon which expired in October. I like to know if I could still use this discount.


    • an nguyen
      Jan  26TH,  2016


      Thanks for your interest in our product.

      It’s a pity that the discount code has expired. For the package, we can only offer you 10% discount more. Please kindly contact us via support@enginethemes.com if you’re interested in it.


  • Napster
    Mar  04TH,  2016

    Hello Team,

    I’ve been working with FreelanceEngine theme for my client and now I’ve decided to buy it for my use. But I have one question regarding functionality is: Can we setup contest project with this theme? For example: Client will post project for Logo design, And freelancers will submit their design according to clients need. Then Client will decide which entry is good among all submitted and pay to winner of the contest. In-short like this site (https://99designs.com) .

    Please let me know. eagerly waiting for your reply.

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  05TH,  2016

      Hi Napster. Thanks for asking. The contest feature is not included in our roadmap for FreelanceEngine at the moment, and it may be more suitable for an extension than for the core theme. We haven’t got any plan for it yet, but we might think about one in the future. It’s a cool idea. 😉

      • Nana Boakye
        May  28TH,  2016

        Hi Ahn Chau,
        This is a follow up to the contest feature request. I think this will increase your customer base. This is one great feature Freelancer.com to engage its users.

        Conduct a survey on this and you may found out that majority will vote in favour of this feature.

        • Anh Chau
          May  31ST,  2016

          Hi Nana,
          We still haven’t had any plan to implement this function yet, since it’s not in the direction of the business model of a freelance marketplace in the beginning.
          I guess it would complement the core system greatly and could be implemented as a extension for FreelanceEngine. However, our roadmap for FreelanceEngine still has many things in progress and we’r sorry we cannot give any promise for this feature at the moment.

          • Nana Boakye
            Jun  28TH,  2016

            Thanks and I appreciate your friendly response. However, I will suggest that EngineThemes should create a Jobs & Pros platform that uses either the FreelanceEngine theme or the JobEngine theme (most preferably the FreelanceEngine theme). We can therefore use the platform to hire freelancers and developers for our theme customizations.
            WPMU uses this approach to engage its members. See for yourself https://premium.wpmudev.org/jobs/

          • Napster
            Oct  07TH,  2016

            Could you suggest any extension for contest functionality? I’m still counting on you ! 😛 😀


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