AE Paymill

Similar to other payment gateways, AE Paymill is another helpful solution to increase conversion on your site. Using this, your users can now pay using all major credit and debits cards without leaving the site. Their transactions will be much more easier and they will be of course happier.

Just like its AE siblings, you can use AE Paymill for both DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine. Simply activate the extension and your users can use it right away.

paymill de - DirectoryEngine

DirectoryEngine version 1.8

Along with CE Marketplace and AE Paymill, DirectoryEngine is also back with improved features.

Blog template

Using this new template, you can easily create a new blog page for your site. With this implementation, it’ll be more convenient to complete the setting process as well as the customization.
Create a new page, choose template as “blog” and this is how it looks like.


Default thumbnail

From now on, you can add a default image for new posted place. If users haven’t uploaded any image, the system will automatically use this default picture.


Bug fixes

  • Complete the missing text in the “Translation” section.
  • Fix “Facebook thumbnail” issue: when users share the places via their Facebook account, the system will get the right thumbnail.
  • Fix “Load more” feature: In the previous versions, when users “load more” in the detail place page, it only got the detail of package payment. This bug has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Map display” issue: the search result are now displayed correctly in the map.
  • Fix “Mobile” issue: in the last version, the search result is missing some places. The bug has been fixed and won’t happen again.
  • Fix “Google plus” issue: you now can login to the page using Google plus account without hassles.
  • Fix “Archive feature” issue: users now can archive the place in their profile section.

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