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Dear our valued customers,

Our developers have worked hard recently to release new payment gateways to better tailor for your specific needs. We have AE MOLPay for Southeast Asian, AE PayFast for South African, and now AE Pin for Australian businesses. With AE Pin, your ability to compete in global market is much higher since it is now simple to accept multi-currency payments from your international customers.

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AE Pin – Australia’s first all-in-one multi-currency payments

In the context where everything goes global, to be able to stay competitive in the market is a real challenge for every business.

One considerable factor when selling your products to international customers is your ability to advertise prices and process transactions in customers’ local currencies (or in USD – the most traded currency on the planet).

As shared by Pin Payments builders:

Until now, small and startup businesses in Australia have found it practically impossible to sell to an international audience using programmable foreign-currency payments. Developers and business owners repeatedly tell us bank products aren’t aligned with their needs, and the payment services provided by the major non-bank systems are inferior imitations of their US offerings.

We built Pin Payments because we believe Australian companies deserve to compete in global online business without disadvantage.


Working with NAB and Perpetual, Pin Payments has made all-in-one multi-currency payments available to all Australian businesses for the first time.

As an Australian business with AE Pin, you can sell to local and international customers, and accept payments from any debit and credit cards bearing the Visa and MasterCard brands. Credit card payments can be processed in AUD or any of the supported foreign currencies.

Currency support – Accept card payments in your customer’s preferred currency

AE Pin allows you to accept payments from customers in different currencies. You can choose a currency when charging a card in the dashboard, or send the currency parameter when creating charges with the API.

The following currencies are included as standard, with more on the way. No additional setup costs or bank accounts are required.

You can charge customers in


You can settle funds in


AE Pin settles to your bank account in AUD by default. Contact Pin Payments staff  to arrange a settlement in an alternative supported currency.


Pin Payments pricing is simple and includes everything you need to take payments in websites, mobile apps, and in-person.

Successful AUD transactions are charged at 1.75% + 30c.

All other currencies are charged at 2.6% + 30c, with:

  • No hidden interchange fees
  • No minimum balance or security deposits required
  • Free automated fraud detection on every transaction

Foreign currency transactions will be automatically converted to Australian dollars before being transferred to your bank account. The conversion is completed at a retail foreign exchange rate of 2% on top of the wholesale interbank rate at the time of the transaction. All fees are inclusive of 10% GST.

How AE Pin operates in your website


  • Country: AE Pin allows Australia’s businesses to accept worldwide payments.
  • Themes: AE Pin can be integrated into 4 themes: FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine, EstateEngine, DiningEngine.


To use AE Pin, you need to provide following information:

  • Your credit card

Unlike other payments, no merchant account or lengthy application process is required when you use AE Pin.

AE Pin operation in FreelanceEngine:

The similar process applies for the other three themes.

  • Back-end settings:

Go to Engine Settings → Pin and fill in the keys.

AE Pin settings in backend

  • Front-end display:

In payment method, select Pin and fill in required information to complete the payment process.

AE Pin display in frontend

It used to be costly and complicated to be able to accept foreign currency online payments, particularly for small-sized businesses. With Pin Payments, it’s now easier and more convenient for Australians to participate in the global growth of online business.

Try AE Pin in FreelanceEngine Buy for $29


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