It has been an extraordinary journey of MicrojobEngine with EngineThemes and we are celebrating the 3 year-old product today.

You definitely don’t want to miss the awesome discount to purchase MicrojobEngine PRO Package!

MicrojobEngine PRO Package includes MicrojobEngine Theme and 10 exclusive extensions to maximize your business:

  • MjE Job Verification: sellers will pay to request their jobs to be verified as a way to increase job quality.
  • MjE Bookmark: allows your users to easily mark their favorite jobs and save them for later views.
  • MjE Withdrawal: help sellers set up auto sending withdrawal requests instead of doing so manually.
  • MjE Recruit: lets users submit their requests for custom work and lets sellers offer their mJobs to fulfill those requests.
  • MjE Stripe: give you more options of payment gateway on site. MjE Stripe is a well-known payment method, currently supported in 25 countries.
  • MjE Paystack: this payment gateway for users who are running their businesses in Nigeria and want to accept payments from both local and international customers.
  • MjE Authorize.Net: accepts payments from anywhere in the world. by Credit and Debit Card for business base in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia.

We’re more than happy to introduce to you our latest release plugins MjE Featured mJobs, MjE Discount and MjE Extra Fees included in MicrojobEngine PRO Package. You might want to take glance of its features:

  • MjE Featured mJobs: With this plugin, admin can create package plan with featured posts. Post featured will be display on top of each category. It also will be added the featured label.
  • MjE Extra Fees: This plugin allow admin to add the extra fees for each mjob-item. like Shipping Fees, Service Fees, VAT, TAX,… etc. Admin also can choose between two option: fixed fee or percentage.
  • MjE Discount: generate more revenue by creating discount and deal for your market place.

Also if you already have MjE PLUS package, there is a new MjE Discount extension added to your account for free!

For new customers, there’s a slight change in our packages and prizes.

Check out our cool offers for you:

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