From the day we released CE Shop, we’ve been running two different versions of ClassifiedEngine – best classified wordpress theme:

  • One for the normal WordPress classified site: version 1.x
  • One for those who are using CE shop: version 2.x

This is an effort in order not to affect customers’ previous customization and also a transitional period before the theme is completely updated.
And now, the update is done. In the next 30 days, we will allow users to update CE version 1.x to CE version 2.0. After that, only the ClassifiedEngine version 2.x will remain.

classifiedengine - wordpress classified ads theme

For those who are still using the old version, please note down the details below:

1. ClassifiedEngine version 2.x will have 4 main differences from the version 1.x

  • post type name ad is changed to product
  • ad_category is changed to product_cat
  • et_price is changed to _regular_price
  • et_featured is changed to _et_featured

2. As a result, if you have customized the theme (version 1.x) in the child theme or extensions, you should follow the following changes:

  • ad should be changed to CE_AD_POSTTYPE
  • ad_category should be changed to  CE_AD_CAT
  • et_price should be changed to CE_ET_PRICE
  • et_featured should be changed to ET_FEATURED

3. Furthermore, when updating your theme to version 2.x, you have to visit the “Setup wizard” tab to activate the Update function once again.

set up wizard-ClassifiedEngine

This process may lead to some unpredictable problem, we recommend you to backup your database and test it carefully before applying for the live site.

Please kindly follow the instruction. If you have any problem or further questions, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket in our forum.

  • Абросим Илларионович
    May  06TH,  2015

    Hello Enginethemes,
    I use ClassifiedEngine v1.8.9 (and CE Child v1.0). This is normal site Classified – is NOT SHOP CE.
    My questions:
    I need to upgrade my ClassifiedEngine to version 2?
    How do I update it? On the page “Setup wizard” – I do not see “Update database”…
    I must not lose links (ad_cat, ad & etc..), they now are in the index Google. It will not happen?

    • An
      May  06TH,  2015


      Currently, we haven’t allowed to updated directly via the back-end, you have to update it manually. However, the two versions are not really different, it’s just the config post type.

      If you haven’t changed anything in the child theme, you can wait a little bit more.

      But if you have customized in the child theme related to “ad”, “ad_category” … then you can change them to CE_AD_POSTTYPE , CE_AD_CAT first. ( Details in the blog post).


  • Lucas
    May  06TH,  2015


    I am ClassifiedEngine version 1.9.0

    1 if I want to upgrade my theme for the accurate version 2.x do within those 30 days, or can I upgrade future when I want.

    2 If I update my theme for version 2.x I could use it as in the previous version without the EC Shop option?

    Thank you!

    • An
      May  07TH,  2015

      Hi Lucas,

      Our blog post is just about the preparation.

      1. You can wait to update it in the future, just note down some changes if you’ve customized the theme.

      2. Yes, it’s okay if you don’t use the CE Shop.


  • Esin
    Dec  27TH,  2015

    Hi dear friends, With CE installed & CE Shop ext —> is it possible to sell some ” Digital products ” that will become downloadable for the buyer; right after his/her purchase on the website ?
    Just like it is in ET Website, for themes and Extentions ? Thanks 🙂 Have a wonderful 2016!

  • Ashyam
    May  31ST,  2016

    i have classified theme i want to add email confirmation before it possible in it.

    • Chau
      May  31ST,  2016

      Hello Ashyam,

      Regarding this, the theme supports an option to enable or disable the confirmation email. You can go to dashboard->ET Setting->Advanced settings-> then “Enable” this option.

      Many thanks.

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