Just want to let you know that you are the heart of our business and we really appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

As a thank you for your continued support and loyalty during the time, we want to offer you some sweet chocolates in this special day.

Here we are, two new FREE extensions are coming knocking at your door: ET Mailing and AE PayUMoney.

ET Mailing

Running a website, you have to set up email notifications sending to your customers in different occasions. However, there’ll be a time your emails can’t reach to the users or being marked as “spam”. In order to help you get rid of these inconvenience, we’d like to introduce ET Mailing.

Supported by Mailgun and Mandrill – the two famous transaction email services, ET Mailing helps you to send, receive, track and store emails effortlessly. The emails will have a better chance of appearing in the inbox and if there’s something wrong, you’ll be informed. You’ll always know what has happened to every email.

ae mailing-FreelanceEngine

Once ET Mailing is activated, you can easily find it in your dashboard and start setting it up. You can decide the information being displayed in your email as well as enable some features to get the records. The system will keep track how many people have opened your email and whether they click the links on your emails.

What’s so special about ET Mailing? You can use it in any WordPress themes even if it’s not one of EngineThemes’ products.

Learn more about configuration process here.

AE PayUMoney

PayU is India’s most comprehensive and popular payment gateway. It accepts different kind of payments such as: credit cards, debit cards and netbanking.

Specifically, it has partnered with a number of banks and payment service providers so that you can give our clients the ability to accept the widest range of online payment methods.

As a result, you can diversify the payment gateways in your site and satisfy your customers for sure. However, please note that this payment gateway only accepts Indian currency.

payu - FreelanceEngine

You can learn more about these extensions following this link.

That’s for today, here is wishing you an amazing love filled day.

  • raj
    Feb  28TH,  2015

    can any one share discount code with me please…

  • alex
    Mar  02ND,  2015

    Hi, is this plugin also working with PayU Romania or only India?

    • An
      Mar  03RD,  2015

      Hi Alex,

      It’s just applied for India as we mentioned in our blog post.

      Thanks for your interest in our product.

      • Alex
        Mar  03RD,  2015

        Any chances to develop it for Romania also? (not necessarily free) 🙂 I believe it is basically the same code.

        • An
          Mar  04TH,  2015


          We’ve just created PayU Money – which is used for India only. Regarding your suggestion, we’ll note it down and discuss with our developer first, but nothing can be sure for now.


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