As many of you have known, ClassifiedEngine is one of our first products. Maybe in quite a long time, you haven’t heard any news about it but that doesn’t mean we’ve totally forgot. After a period of time being updated, ClassifiedEngine is back with some bug fixes.

Compatible with WordPress 4.0

The theme now has already compatible with WP 4.0, you don’t have to face unwelcome bugs anymore. In the previous version, sellers have to refresh the page in order to post an ad but with the new version, this issue is ironed out.


Add “fancybox” in ad detail

With this new version, users will see the “light-box” effect whenever they click the thumbnail images. By this way, the ad will become more appealing to customers.


Bug fixes

– Fix “Url” bug: In the last version, when users want to see a seller’s details, they will be redirected to a 404 page if admin uses the default permalink. This bug has gone now.

– Fix “Save” issue: From now on, admins can easily change the location of sellers in the back-end. The system will automatically change them in the front-end.

– Fix “Translation” issue: The system works well now, admins are free to translate the site based on their need.

20% discount offer

In order to express our thanks to ClassifiedEngine’s supporters, we’re happy to offer you a 20% discount code. Simply insert the code “HAPPY20”, you can save 20% when purchasing ClassifiedEngine.
However, this is a limited time offer, the code will be expired after October 26th. Please make sure you won’t miss your chance.

  • Pui
    Oct  22ND,  2014

    Great for your new update, btw I’m waiting your version “Register via Facebook on Mobile” on CE. Cause my users have unknown about technology or not really good at Mobile / iPad (they are many non-use laptop people). Or something like new layout to easier use for them on Mobile, better. I’m going to make a video to introduce how to use the website on Mobile, OMG! 🙁

    • An
      Oct  23RD,  2014

      Thanks Pui,

      We’ve noticed your idea. Our developers will consider the possibility of this suggestion.

      Please keep supporting us in the future.

      • Pui
        Oct  25TH,  2014

        Hi An,

        I’ve seen the update of CE in the admin, what;s the update for 1.7.4? I want to know!


        • An
          Oct  27TH,  2014

          Hi Pui,

          It’s a small hotfix to help the theme run more smoothly.

          • Pui
            Oct  28TH,  2014

            Tks to An!

  • David
    Oct  27TH,  2014

    I missed this! Could you offer a new code for this theme?

  • dane
    Nov  05TH,  2014

    Yeah could a new code be offered for a discount on the themes and plugins 🙂

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