WPML integrated

One of the main updates of this new version is that CE is now compatible with WPML. With WPML integration, you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. Choose languages for your site, translate content and you can use different languages at the same time. Let’s upgrade your site to a multilingual website and expend your business all over the world.

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Login via social accounts

As you’ve awared, social network is growing days by days. In order to help you benefit the advantages of social networks, CE is now implemented social login function. Users can login to your site via their facebook or twitter accounts, which will help to increase the registration rates of your site.

social networks login-ClassifiedEngine

Favourite an ad

If you like an ad, you can add it to your favourite list. You can see it somehow like a cart which you can consider the chosen products later. And of course, you can absolutely unfavourite it if you don’t like anymore.


add favourites- ClassifiedEngine

Google captcha implemented

Whenever users sign up or post an ad, they will have to insert google captcha. With this implement, you can reduce the number of spam comments on your site.

 gg captcha-ClassifiedEngine

Comment on ads

You are now free to express your opinions about an ad. Whether it’s good or bad, you can share your opinions by commenting below the ad.

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Other small changes

Change template for asp hosting.

CE extensions are also updated template js to compatible with the latest version of ClassifiedEngine.

  • Hammad
    Jul  07TH,  2014

    Bravo Team,
    Social Login and Captcha are the BEST features of your theme.

    • An
      Jul  07TH,  2014

      Thanks Hammad,
      Hope you’ll keep supporting us^^

  • Momo
    Jul  07TH,  2014

    Hi yes nice job, hope the custom field will be the next, for a classified is a must be.

    • An
      Jul  07TH,  2014


      Thanks for your nice words!

      Actually, CE’s already had supported custom fields ^^ You may want to check out our demo site for more detailed:


      – User name: admindemo
      – Pass: admindemo

      • Amy
        Jul  08TH,  2014

        Hello An,

        Your custom field is not useful until we can not set custom fields by category.

        Actually your custom field only allow fields for all categories, custom fields for cars will not be the same for electronic category.

        Since the begin I can read your blog I see the request has been made and instead of offering this update, you have choose to create a new one like “favourite an ad”, I don’t really understand the way you care about your customers.

        You should care more about what customer point out and this also for your futur customers, mostly when the request is something a classifed today should have and all other classifieds offer.

        I will not point out other classified themes but please have a look and agree your PAID CE FIELD is useless when all other theme have it as feature included in the price theme.

        • An
          Jul  10TH,  2014

          Hello Amy,

          Thanks for your opinions.

          We actually noted down all customers ideas to consider for our updates. We acknowledge that customers are the one who help us survive, so how can we don’t care about them. Maybe sometimes we didn’t really understand what customers need, we’re sorry for that and we’re trying to perfect days by days.

          Once again, thanks for your opinions. We’ll discuss the things you pointed out with our developers for better products in the future.

          Best regards,

  • Jan
    Jul  08TH,  2014

    Hey guys… The wording needs to be “Add to favourites”, instead of “Add favourites” …

    • An
      Jul  10TH,  2014

      Thanks for your notice. We’ll fix it and sorry for this.

  • oscar romero
    Jul  08TH,  2014

    Great!!! thanks!!!!

  • Ivor
    Jul  26TH,  2014

    another grammatical error. The heading should read Favourite Ads not Favorites Ads

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