Today, we’re happy to bring ClassifiedEngine back with 3 new improvements, which helps to increase your site’s performance and serve your users better.

Lazy loading images

This option would greatly speed up your website’s performance. Enabling it forces the browser to load the text before loading any images. Even better, images not visible in the active browser frame would only be loaded when users scroll down the site, which reduces the loading time at the beginning.

Select a featured image for your ads

In previous versions, the featured image for an ads is automatically picked from the uploaded photos. You can now select it manually by clicking on the selected one.

set featured image - ClassifiedEngine extension

Improve the location selection in the ad-posting form

In the previous version, when users post an ad, they might need to look for the correct place from a long list of locations. With version 1.6, a search field has been added to enhance this experience. Users can now select the right one after a couple keystrokes.

search bar - ClassifiedEngine extension

Bug fixing in the Sellers page

In the Sellers page of the previous version, because of the update of WordPress, the search system was caught in some errors. Although we built it to sort sellers based on the ads they have posted, it still sorted them based on their registration date.

The problem has been fixed now and the system will sort sellers first by the number of ads they have posted, then by the registration date.

sort sellers by ads - ClassifiedEngine extension

Other fixed bugs

– Because of some mistakes, the Menu bar disappeared when users searched in the frontend. The problems has been fixed, the Menu bar now appears in the Search result page
– Correct the date format in the Blog page
– Adding “Post an ad” button in the mobile version
– Other JS fixed bugs

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