As a producer, it’s our responsibility to offer good product and service. We understand that there are a lot of aspects we need to improve and we’re trying hard to do it.
We’ve made mistakes sometimes and really sorry for all the inconvenience it may cause. We hope that you will keep supporting us, we promise to be a-better-us in the future.
For those who have met issues with ClassifiedEngine, we want to inform its latest version, hope that those bugs won’t bother you anymore.


  • Fix “Coupon” issue: In the previous versions, user couldn’t use the coupon with 100% value to post ad. It has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Location order” issue: The locations are now shown in correct order.
  • Remove the unnecessary text: The text “Job Board Software | powered by WordPress” has been removed from footer. You don’t have to waste time trying to remove it anymore.
  • Fix “Table” issue: Users now won’t meet any problem using their tablets to post ad anymore. Once you click the Select button, it will open to the next step.
  • Fix “Logo” issue: With this update, the menu won’t overlap the header menu anymore.
  • Fix “Post ad” issue: In the last version, even when users cancel the payment, the ads still be displayed on the site. From now on, it won’t automatically display anymore.
  • Fix “Comments” issue: The comments are now show on mobile version.
  • Fix “Categories and locations” issue: The subcategories now appear fine on the site.
  • Majed alharbi
    Jan  18TH,  2015

    Thank you for the update. Could you please share the update history and what is the files has been updated because I made some customization which I don’t want to lose.

    • An
      Jan  19TH,  2015


      You can check out the file “changelog.txt” in the package we provide, it’ll inform you all the changed files in the latest version.

      Thanks for using our product.

  • Bazoopa
    Jan  19TH,  2015

    The latest CE update 1.8.4 has an issue, To post a Featured AD. You get to Payment confirmed in
    Paypal, but after that when Paypal sends you back to your site it re-directs you using the ‘Payment Failed’ page and the listing does not display. See the Video.

    • An
      Jan  22ND,  2015


      Thanks for your notice,

      We’ll inform our staff about this issue and fix it soon. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

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