ClassifiedEngine v1.5

The new version of ClassifiedEngine introduces a new feature which would greatly enhance your site’s user experience: seller review.

As you dive into a classified site, one of the most important things would be the reliability of the ones submitting classified ads. And to learn more about one’s reliability, you read the reviews he has.

Seller Review - Classified Ad Software, WordPress Classified theme ClassifiedEngine

Posting a review about the seller is easy. Simply click on the “Submit a review” link in the seller’s profile box and enter your review. Make sure you choose the targeted product of the review.

Post a Review - Classified Ad Software, WordPress Classified theme ClassifiedEngine


Compatible to WordPress v3.9

The compatibility issues have now been fixed. Please update your theme and plugin to the latest versions:

– JobEngine v2.8.2
– ForumEngine v1.4.6
– HotelEngine Comfy v1.0.5
– HotelEngine Classy v1.0.6
– BookingEngine v1.1.1

Extension Updates

The Stripe extensions (CE Stripe v1.1.1 & JE Stripe v1.4.1) also have an update this week. Your customers after purchase are now receive a receipt right in their inbox.

The new versions of the CustomFields extensions (JE CustomFields v2.0.1 & CE CustomFields v1.1.1) include some bug fixes.

  • Mallick William
    Apr  24TH,  2014

    Just heads up, custumizer on JE is not working properly. Its not allowing clicks. Please fix

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  24TH,  2014

      Issue noted. The hot fix version will be available in a few hours.

      • Mallick William
        Apr  24TH,  2014

        Thanks for prompt actions. Much appreciated

        • Anh Chau
          Apr  25TH,  2014

          @mallickwilliam:disqus JobEngine v2.8.3 has been released. Please update the theme to resolve the remaining issues. Thank you. 🙂

          • Mallick William
            Apr  25TH,  2014

            Dear @anhcv:disqus,

            Thanks for swift action as usual.

            thumbs up

  • luqman
    May  01ST,  2014

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