ClassifiedEngine v1.6.2 provides new options in the Language and Currency setting sections:

– When admins create a new language, the system now creates a PO file in addition to a MO file. Therefore, they can localize their sites by downloading this PO file to their computers, doing the translation and then uploading the files later, which is more convenient.

– Besides, admins can now modify the currency used in ads. They can change the currency sign as well as decide how it appears (left or right of the amount). Please note that this setting is for the price data in each ads, which is not related in any way to the currency settings for the payment process applied for sellers.

currency-sign - ClassifiedEngine extension







currency (2)- currency-sign - ClassifiedEngine extension


For example, when you change the currency in the Payment settings to “USD”, the sellers will make the payment to you in USD when they post an ad in your site. And if you modify the currency sign in the Ads settings to “VND” & the currency position to “Right”, the price data of each ad will appear with “VND” following the amount.

price date- ClassifiedEngine extension


This week’s update also includes some other bug fixes for ClassifiedEngine.


– CE now works smoothly on default browsers of Android devices
– CE now works correctly with BB z10
– Tabinex now works in Post an ad page
– Usernames don’t allow blank spaces anymore
– TOS works well on Mobile version
– Fix errors with Google Analysis in the back–end


1. Two WordPress hooks were added in the mobile version of ClassifiedEngine v1.6.2: wp_head and wp_footer. This would allow some plugins to work correctly, but at the same time, there might be a chance that some plugins you are using become incompatible. If you caught any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. We’ve also provided a series of updates for the CE extensions. To make sure the extensions work well with ClassifiedEngine v1.6.2, please also update them to the latest versions:
– CE Coupon v1.1
– CE Stripe v1.1.4
– CE PayPal Express v1.0.3
– CE Paymill v1.1.3
– CE Custom fields v1.1.2
– CE Admap v1.0.4
– CE Ad Alert v1.0.2

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  • Adam Feilding
    Aug  24TH,  2014

    This is a great feature, but is it possible to have the ad currency determined by the location?

    i.e. If the location of the ad is Vietnam, then the currency is VND, if the location is the UK, then the currency is GBP

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