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In EstateEngine version 1.1.1, the display errors have been fixed so that users can have a better experience in your real estate site:

  • From now on, when the rental period is expired, the property’s status will automatically be changed from “Sold” to “Rental”. After that, the property will be available for others to rent.
  • In the previous version, users encountered some problem while using Visual composer to edit the page. The issues were fixed, you can use it to manage the content blocks in your real estate site now.
  • When users wrote a review for a property, the description field will lost if they scrolled down. The problem has been fixed.
  • Users had to refresh the page to complete the “Submit a place” process. You don’t have to do this anymore, the page won’t load continuously.
  • When making an advanced search, the drop down lists in Category and Location weren’t displayed fully. They are displayed fine now.
  • You now can upload the photo when edit a property.
  • Previously, when users edited a property in the back-end, the system didn’t save the selected package.
  • Fix display error in “Private profile” section.
  • The notification wasn’t displayed when users forgot to import images. The bus has gone now.
  • The number of comments in the profile now shows correctly.

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