Are you a WordPress beginners who want to customize your website without touching a single line of code?

Are you a WordPress site owner who need to transform your website but have a limited budget?

Then CSS Hero maybe the virtual hero that you are looking for.

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of CSS Hero and what they could help your business.


What is CSS Hero?

It is a WordPress plugin which make design customization easier.

CSS Hero works by allowing you to modify every elements of your website and it works on most WordPress theme with Rocket-Mode. The editor is displayed right on the front end of your website and all you need to do is pointing and clicking to customize the elements.


The most challenging aspect of web design is device compatibility. You need to make sure that your site looks amazing on all devices and screen sizes. Now with CSS Hero, you just simply click on the desktop icon in the toolbar and then click on a device type: mobile, tablet or desktop devices. The Preview area will change into your selected device.After that, you can edit your site while previewing it.

In addition, one of the best features of CSS Hero is the History button. With this button, you do not need to worry about making a mess because everything can be undone! CSS Hero keeps a history of all the changes you make to your theme and give you the ability to undo them any time. Just click on the history button and it will take you back to a particular time.

What does CSS Hero bring to your WordPress theme?

  • Play with a tons of fonts
  • Change the colors of almost anything with your own style
  • Change margins, text heights and column widths: Just drag a slider and see what happens
  • Select special effects such as gradients, transitions and shadows
  • CSS output is clean and minified
  • History button to undo all the changes you make to your theme
  • Commit edits to specific devices
  • Easily edit, preview and control how your theme displays on desktop and other devices.

Who would use CSS Hero?


If you own a WordPress website using one of EngineThemes products, such as EstateEngine, DirectoryEngine, ClassifiedEngine, JobEngine, FreelanceEngine…or OneEngine, you are encouraged to use CSS Hero. It will helps you design customization faster and easier.

EngineThemes’ Perk

CSS Hero is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize every property of your themes with an easy and intuitive point and click interface. Now, there is no reason to not brave it and be creative with your web design with CSS Hero!

EngineThemes perks: Enter ENGINETHEMES40 to take 40% off of total order value.

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  • Melanie Nogue Fructuoso
    Aug  04TH,  2015

    The coupon doesn’t work! If we insert ENGINETHEMES40 it appears Sorry, Your discount code is INVALID.

    • CSS Hero Team
      Aug  04TH,  2015

      Please check it now!

  • Абросим Илларионович
    Aug  05TH,  2015

    Description Cool!
    But how it will work on a heavily modified site? We customization in the style, code functionality. Theme ClassifiedEngine.
    There is a trial period?

  • mahesh
    Oct  01ST,  2015

    Hi..For My website requirment like to purchase DIRECTORYENGINE so i perfered POWERPACKAGE $199 , u given impresstive offers thank you for that , but among that i am expecting CSS HERO also for free in same POWERPACKAGE ,i s it possible ?

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