Have a happy new year our dear customers!

In this post, we would walk you through the latest update of DiningEngine 1.2.2, & AE Custom Fields 1.2.2.

DiningEngine 1.2.2 – Improvement & bug fix

Improvement: Share button added, tablet responsive, & more

Go social with Share button

I know it’s a bit late but finally, it’s here. Connect your place to social network with Share function. This version supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.

diningengine update 1.2.2 share button

[Tablet] More responsive with Logo on the left & Menu bar on the right side

Before, your dining restaurant website logo & menu bar appeared in the center, making it hard to see the map. We have repositioned the logo to the left corner, and menu to the right one for better view, like this:

diningengine update 1.2.2 responsive on tablet

Reservation email sent to restaurant staff

The booking function is available on your site when you enable table reservation option in the back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → General). 

If the author chooses Form in the reservation, he/she would provide the email address of the restaurant. When there’s a table booking, the booking will be sent to provided email & admin’s email. If restaurant’s email is not provided, every contact from users would be delivered to the email of the author who posts the restaurant place and to the inbox of admin by default.

diningengine update 1.2.2 reservation email

[New option] Set up the number of pictures & menus in gallery

You, as an admin, can now set up the maximum number of pictures & menus a place can have on the gallery. Adjusting this in DiningEngine back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Content).

diningengine update 1.2.2 number of images

Bug fix: Visual Composer compatibility, close button recovery, & similar restaurant suggestion

Better compatibility with Visual Composer

DiningEngine 1.2.2 is better compatible with Visual Composer, giving you a beautiful and elegant homepage of dining WordPress theme.

diningengine update 1.2.2 visual composer compatibility

Close button on place pictures recovered

Now your users could click on the “X” button to close the picture.

diningengine update 1.2.2 close button

Similar Restaurant does suggest similar restaurants by category

When viewing a specific restaurant on your restaurant listing site, users are suggested other similar restaurants below. But it was a bug when the system showed non-similar restaurants. In this version, the issue is resolved so users would see similar restaurants by category in “Similar Restaurant” suggestion.

AE Custom Fields 1.2.2 in DiningEngine- Datepicker works properly

When an author creates an event for his/her place, the datepicker would show the calendar to choose the date (see the image). So your users could easily pick the date for their events.

AE Custom Fields update 1.2.2 Datepicker
I hope these updates would help you have a great start with your dining restaurant website. If you have any question while updating DiningEngine version 1.2.2 & AE Custom Fields 1.2.2, please feel free to drop us a line at support@enginethemes.com. We are happy to talk to you!


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