Happy new year beloved DirectoryEngine customers,

Since it is new year so we want to do something special for the directory theme version 2.0 with the update in UI besides improvements and bug fixes. Also, since the UI is improved, DE Multirating users are advised to update the extension to the newest version 1.4.2 for better compatibility. Lastly, AE Custom Fields extension is upgraded to version 1.2.2. Let’s go into details of each release.

DirectoryEngine 2.0 – UI update, new features, & bug fixes

Improvement: Easy Customizer in front-end, place labels disabled on maps & bigger category filter bar

[New feature] Easy Customizer bar right in front-end

There’s no need to go to the back-end to customize your directory listing website. You can do it right from the front-end and see immediate results. What you change is what you see.

directoryengine update 2.0 customizer bar in front-end

[New option] Hide all labels of other places on maps for better focus on user’s place

A new option is added in this DirectoryEngine version, allowing you to hide other place labels presented by Google Maps. This helps our users have a better focus on the posted place, not being distracted by other locations.

This option can be found in the back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Map → Displaying Place Labels). The default is Disable, like this:

directoryengine update 2.0 place label settings in back-end

Try in the demo to see the difference.

[Improvement] Width of category filter bar increased

You intend to add a category in the filter bar but are afraid that it is too long to be well displayed. So in the latest DirectoryEngine version, this field is made wider for a better view.

directoryengine update 2.0 category filter bar

No more hassle with long categories.

Bug fix: Cash payment reject, “Logout” button and photo in review sidebar display

Admin can decline cash payment successfully

In the previous version, when you chose to decline the cash payment method of a transaction, the action could not be completed and the transaction was still in “pending” status. But it is ok now. You can successfully decline the cash payment in the back-end (Engine Settings → Payments).

[Mobile] Proper display of “Logout” button

When you used languages other than English for your multipurpose directory WordPress theme, some text for “Logout” was so long that it was not fully displayed on the screen of the mobile device.

In this new version 2.0, the bug is fixed. So, in your language, if the text for “Logout” is too long, an icon is then used instead of text.

Proper photo rendering in review sidebar

In the back-end (Appearance → Widgets), when you selected “Review” widget for the Single section and chose the Vertical style, the thumbnail picture in each review did not show up in the front-end.

directoryengine update 2.0 review widget settings

We have fixed the bug so that all photos in review section are properly displayed.

directoryengine update 2.0 review thumbnail image

DE Multirating 1.4.2 – Compatible with DirectoryEngine 2.0

Please kindly be noticed that because DirectoryEngine 2.0 has updated the UI, it is important that you simultaneously update the extension to the latest version 1.4.2 to be compatible with DirectoryEngine.

AE Custom Fields 1.2.2 in DirectoryEngine – Datepicker functions properly now

When your users created an event for their places, the datepicker section did not show the calendar. We have fixed the bug in this version (see the image) so that your users could easily pick the date for their events.

AE Custom Fields 1.2.2 Datepicker in DE

These updates are all we want to give you for the new year. Hope this new version could help you have a great start in 2016 with your directory listing website. Should you need further help, please feel free to contact us via support@enginethemes.com. Our customer service team are happy to talk to you!



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