How to build business directory website with DirectoryEngine WordPress Theme?

Here’s our complete guide to help you build your online business directory listing website.

DirectoryEngine is not another rigid WordPress theme, it’s the tool for you to launch your dream website. Using DirectoryEngine – Directory WordPress Theme, you’re able know how to build any kind of directory business sites you want. Going through these questions in this post, you’ll learn why DirectoryEngine should be your choice for a directory software theme.

What can DirectoryEngine do for me?

Don’t just think about the small ideas and ordinary stuff, go for something unique and not having been done before. You can use this theme to build a local directory, a specific type of business directory, a website directory, a people finder or even use it as a classified ad site and No Coding Skills Needed.

DirectoryEngine Business Directory Software Website Builder

Even if you can’t come up with an extraordinary idea, you still can make your site stand out, DirectoryEngine provides the needed tools for you to free your creativity.

How can I stand out from the crowd? I want to be a flower, not a leaf.

Take a look at the feelings first.

Since the first day, DirectoryEngine appears with a nice outfit. The design itself shows off an appealing feeling. It’s not just about making your site look good, but also making it work efficiently and enhancing the profitability of your business. Especially with the major appearance of images, your site will absolutely catch users’ eyes.

Business Directory WordPress Theme Preview

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From the basic design, you can then create your own content from different built-in modules such as featured places, hot and latest places, reviews, services, testimonials, reviews, and categories. These modules can also be added to any of the sidebar areas as widgets, giving you lots of flexibility when building your homepage and other custom pages.

And the most important thing, a feature no directory site should miss: Map settings. An impressive full width map is supported for you to locate all listings as well as support the search system. Of course, you can set up the default location using the geo-location feature. It will then zoom to that location whenever you use the site.


I don’t know anything about coding, can I build my own site? Can a total newbie build his own directory site?

The above information is just basic things on the surface. The more special thing is how easily you’re able to set up your business directory site using DirectoryEngine. A lot of effort has been put into making the process as easy as possible. With the help of a page builder and WordPress’ customizer, anyone with even zero coding skill can build up a directory site the way he wants.

DirectoryEngine - Directory WordPress Theme with Map

Just like how you play the puzzle game, simply drag and drop the content blocks to the correct position and arrange them properly right in the front-end. The modules for the page builder are also available in the form of widgets, which you can freely drag to the sidebars throughout the site. You can easily try different arrangements to find the suitable one, which means you have saved a tons of time trying to customize the code yourself.


Can I get rich using DirectoryEngine for my business?

May be you can’t be a billionaire in a day with our product, but you can surely make money with your directory website.

With DE, you can create different pricing plans for your users, which will be the main source of your income. You can describe your plans with more details for users to find their suitable ones with different criteria. The system also supports three popular payment methods for you to get your money: PayPal, 2CheckOut and manual bank transfer.

DirectoryEngine - Directory Website Builder Software - Payment

We take care of the final UX for the end users, which makes every process so easy for them to submit business listings after some simple steps.

DirectoryEngine Multipurpose Directory WordPress Theme Responsive

They have their own space to customize their profiles and manage their listings. Moreover, whenever users like a place, they can add it to their favourite listings. These places then will be stored in their profile and they can take a look at them later.

DirectoryEngine - Easy Customize Directory WordPress Theme

Besides the basic information, users can also create events for their listings, which is great to make the places became more appealing and attract more visitors.

DirectoryEngine - Create Event and Rating - Directory Theme

Moreover, DirectoryEngine is powered with AJAX in most place loading experiences. You don’t have to worry that your users would feel annoyed since no more page reload is needed.

And you can enjoy other great built-in features such as translation support, bookmark system, filter system…

DirectoryEngine - flexible business directory wordpress theme

How can I get closer to the users?

DirectoryEngine helps you to approach your customers better!

The theme supports 3rd party plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO – the most complete SEO plugin available for WordPress. Since it offers everything you need to optimize your site, you could use this to gradually boost your SEO up.

Besides, since more people have cell phones than computers and mobile devices are often used to search, we also supports a mobile version for our themes. We make sure you aren’t missing out of mobile leads.

DirectoryEngin - Responsive Directory Worpress Theme Mobile

Finally, the “blog” section! You can start a blog on your website and write about the industry your directory site serves. You can also try offering tips and resources, by this way, your potential users will gradually become your actual users.

DirectoryEngine - Directory WordPress Theme - Blog

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We hope you would find some helpful information in this post. We will keep updating DirectoryEngine and provide tutorials for you to use it the most effective way. Have some questions for us? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section below.


  • Faustas
    Oct  09TH,  2014

    Hello, really great theme and one thing stopping me from purchase, I missing multi rating in this theme. You really should consider about this update. (or maybe some extension) I made a screenshot, how it may look. Because you have a perfect empty space for that.

    • An
      Oct  09TH,  2014

      Hello Faustas,

      Thank you very much for your interest in our product as well as your idea.

      We also think that it’s a good one. We’ll discuss more about this and consider to implement it in the future updates.

      Please keep supporting us in the future.

      • dodong
        Nov  07TH,  2014

        I am planning to buy this. I am trying to look for tutorial because this is my first time to do this..any tutorial for beginners??

  • Faustas
    Oct  09TH,  2014
    • dodong
      Nov  07TH,  2014

      I am planning to buy this. I am trying to look for tutorial because this is my first time to do this..any tutorial for beginners?

  • moviesly
    Oct  13TH,  2014

    Hello, as you can see the directoryEngine blog ! have problem blog list have dots see demo here

  • Trishah
    Nov  13TH,  2014

    Is it possible to assign each account type a different number of categories? For instance: a free account can have 1 category, but a premium account could have up to 3 categories per listing.

  • tobias kolesnyk
    Nov  19TH,  2014

    hey, can i import >5.000.000 addresses?

    • An
      Nov  19TH,  2014


      You can insert as many places as you want as long as you have a good server.

      Thanks for your question.

  • Chris
    Nov  24TH,  2015

    Hi sir. We wish to purchase a directories websit from you. Please email us at

    • an nguyen
      Nov  24TH,  2015

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your interest in our product,

      If you have any question about the theme, please feel free to contact us via


  • Tom Davis
    Dec  05TH,  2015

    I like the theme and want to get it. Can you guys advice where to get the data of local businesses to populate the directory?

  • Richard Bennett
    Jun  20TH,  2016

    1 own a large database of business and professions with.
    This Basic information
    Name of business , contact , title , sic code 4 digit , address, phone number, number of employees,

    What I want is to create a simple search directory of my database and have it look like a directory
    I want it to be basicly simple Nicely designed display page which would be the search page
    Nicely designed result page which would quickly from the database pull up the info. In a list like look

  • Evans
    Jun  22ND,  2016

    I want to start the directory business, i want to know about the security of the platform and support?

  • Bobbi Million
    Sep  10TH,  2016

    I need a directory to work with my new business of bartering. I would like to have it started in Oct. Need more details of platform and other questions and pricing

    • Chau
      Sep  12TH,  2016

      Hello Bobbi,

      Concerning this, you can send us your pre-sale questions and inquiries using the link below. We will be glad to assist you with it.

      Many thanks.

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