The latest version of DirectoryEngine includes some new small useful features, which helps to enhance your site performance.

Finding places near user’s current location

When users provide their locations, a list of places which is near their current locations will be shown up. Also, it brings more convenience because it shows the way from your current place to the place you would like to come.

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Showing Map on Mobile

Place Map is now added into Place Detail section. Users who use mobile devices to surf your website are able to read information of a specific place. It would be helpful for them to know the way to go to.

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Disable registration on site

Normally, most of websites allow new users register new accounts. But to some websites, Admins do not allow new registration, so what should they do?

In this version, you can disable registration by going to Settings > General. At Membership section, uncheck “Anyone can register” checkbox.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Reject Email” issue: Placeholder Link is now added into reject email.
  • Fixed “Places List” of Author page in mobile devices issue: We have fixed this bug. Once you open Author page, it only shows places of this author.
  • Fixed “Grid/List View Default Display” issue: When you setup the list view as default display and select Load More, the result will be kept as list view display.
  • Fixed “Rating on mobile” issue: this feature works great on mobile now.
  • Fixed “Delete/Archive” issue: previously if users are authors, they can not delete or archive any place.
  • Fixed “Sign Up” issue: email is now required when user create new account.
  • Fixed “Translation” issue on mobile devices: all contents of owned places, reviews and uploaded pictures are now translated on mobile devices.
  • Fixed “Time restriction on posting comments” issue: in order to prevent spam comments on site, users just can post a comment per 2 minutes.
  • moviesly
    Dec  04TH,  2014

    After upgrade, i get just a blank page, my website are gone

    • An
      Dec  04TH,  2014


      Sorry for this inconvenience.

      Would you mind sending your admin account as well as FTP information to ? Our support staff here will help you solve the problem.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      Best regards,

  • reflex
    Dec  04TH,  2014

    i get a blank page too

    • An
      Dec  04TH,  2014


      We’ve just released a hotfix for this version a couple minutes ago. Please check it out again.

      Sorry for this inconvenience.

      Best regards,

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