Enhance customization function

Different from the old versions, you couldn’t change the mobile version’s main color. With DirectoryEngine v1.1.5, you can change the main color of your mobile solution using WP Customizer. The mobile color as well as other sections are now matched with the desktop version’s main color.


 Bug fixes

– Fix “Filter” function: The problem happened when users chose the number of places to be displayed on the site. For example, you chose 8 places to be displayed but you only could see 4 places in the page. The issue is fixed now, it’ll filter based on your choice.


– Fix “Reject” function: In the previous versions, if admins reject a pending post without a message, they can’t close the message box. The bug has gone, you now can reject the pending posts without fluster.


– Fix “Search nearby’ function: The system works fine now, when you scroll the scroller, the corresponding figures will change according to it.


– Fix “Sub menu” issue: The submenu won’t slide away when you choose it from the main menu, it works smoothly now.


– Fix “Responsive” issue: The breadcums won’t be overridden anymore. In addition, even when you use a long category name, the number of the places won’t fall down from the line.

– Fix “Upload photo” issue: When you upload a small photo, the thumbnail won’t be enlarged anymore.


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