After releasing DirectoryEngine, we’ve received some good remarks as well as comments on some problems about the theme. As we’ve always said “better and better”, all those precious feedbacks have been noted and will be considered for future versions.

For today, we’re happy to introduce the latest update after DE took its first step: introducing DirectoryEngine version 1.0.1.

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1. More Sidebars. Revolution Slider Added.

Haven’t been satisfied with the number of sidebars in v1.0? Here are more for you! DE v1.0.1 offers you two additional ones: Top full-width sidebar and Bottom full-width sidebar.

Besides, the latest version also add the support for Revolution Slider. Admins now can use the new widget to either display a map or a slider, whichever makes their site more appealing to the users.

Revolution Slider - Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

2. Highlight a place listing with a video

With v1.0.1, users can upload a video when editing a place. The uploaded video will be displayed on the header of the place listing page then, and of course this will make the place become more attractive and professional.

Add Video - Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

You can also choose to display the video on the right side or left side in the header.

Video In Header- Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

3. Default location for the map

Admins are now allowed to set up the default location for the map, which will appear to users when they visit the site. No matter which spot, admin can easily select and set it up as the default location right from the back – end.

4. Changes in “post–a–place” form

In v1.0, in order to enhance the simplicity, we didn’t include some fields in the place submission form. However, after receiving feedbacks from our dear customers, it seem to be easier for users to complete all place information right in the posting process. This has been changed in v1.0.1 and now included more fields such as: Phone, Website, Open time, Open days.

Post a Place - Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

5. Reset-password page

With this update, whenever users forget their passwords, they can easily get them back right in the login page.

Forgot password - Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

6. Authentication on Mobile version

The mobile version is being completed days by days, users now can register/login via their mobile, which means they can check up the site whenever they want.

Mobile Authentication - Directory WordPress theme DirectoryEngine

7. Change email subjects sent to users

With v1.0.1, the email’s subject sent to users is more specific so that they aren’t mistaken with spams.

8. Notifications when signing up

Whenever users sign up with an existing email address, a notification message will appear to request for another one.

Notification - Directory WordPress theme DirectoryEngine

9. Fix notification error when posting place

When users miss a field in the “post-a-place” form, a notification will appear reminding them to complete all the needed fields.

Form Field Errors - Directory WordPress theme DirectoryEngine

10. Other bug fixes

In v1.0, when users edit a place, even they don’t make any change to the location, the chosen location is still lost. The bug is now fixed, the system won’t automatically change your location anymore.

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So, what’s your favorite in this update? Tell us in the comment section below!

  • Jorge
    Aug  07TH,  2014

    Great, keep improving and DE will be the best directory template 😉

  • morganthx
    Aug  07TH,  2014

    Thank you for the update, especially the revolution slider. 🙂

  • Nettler
    Aug  08TH,  2014

    you have some trouble in Safari

    • Nettler
      Aug  08TH,  2014

      like this:

      • An
        Aug  13TH,  2014

        Dear Nettler,

        Thanks for your notice and sorry for missing your post.
        We’ll check it right away and solve the problem.

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