Revolution Slider – Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

Revolution Slider – Directory WordPress Theme DirectoryEngine

  • Mkarimu
    Oct  11TH,  2015

    I wanted tp download the latest OneEngine theme, however, I was unable to proceed even having a G-Plus account. I verified my account and also used my Gmail account and personal phone to verify my account. The linking on your site does not open the G-Plus login account.
    Kindly find an easier way for 1) those who do not want to G-Plus or 2) those who do not wish to open tweeter account like myself.

  • Oscar
    Oct  14TH,  2015

    Anyone know? Why? When I choose in OneEngine->Custumizing Static Front Page->Front page displays-> A static page builded with Layout Builder, the fonts do not change the colors.
    Thank you.

  • tlotlo
    Mar  17TH,  2016

    Good day.

    Please try to respond early, i am aware that you may be faced with a lot of clients queries but try to fasten up tickets response.

    So far i am happy with your theme

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