Since today is the era of globalization, you have no choice but to gradually step out of your country’s border and integrate with the world. Therefore, having a multilingual site will be a great help for you to expand your business.
In order to help you improve your directory WordPress site to a new level, DirectoryEngine – Our best directory theme wordpress is once again updated to compatible with WPML.
Using WPML, you can translate all the content of your site: pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. Choose languages for your site, translate content and you can easily use different languages at the same time.

de wpml - DirectoryEngine

Besides, a small change has been made. In the previous versions, users can review a place as many times as they want. But now, they can only review a place for one time, it requires them to be more careful and responsible with what they say. If they want to change the review, they’ll have no choice than delete and post it again, which of course will take more time.

de review - DirectoryEngine

Also, with DE v1.6, you can create a proper login page for users to access your site. After that, users can be come back to the login page whenever they want.

de login page - DirectoryEngine

Bug fixes
– Fix “Renew place” issue: In the previous versions, users can’t renew a place after deleted it. The bug has gone, you now can review your place without hassles.
– Fix “Loading marker” issue on mobile: The map works fine now, you won’t meet any trouble surfing the site.


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