DirectoryEngine version 1.9.3 is now compatible with WordPress version 4.3!

EngineThemes would like to introduce to you the latest version of DirectoryEngine – DirectoryEngine version 1.9.3 Demo.This update focuses on the compatibility of DirectoryEngine version 1.9.3 and WordPress 4.3. Also, we executed some new features in the hope of providing more useful information for onsite users.

Compatible with WordPress 4.3

DirectoryEngine 1.9.3 (2)

The version 4.3 of WordPress, named “Billie”, is available in August 2015. This WordPress’s version helps  you to format and customize your website easier.

  • Your writing flow is faster with new formatting shortcuts.
  • Keep website be more secure with better passwords.
  • Site icons represent your site in your whole website.
  • Menus in the Customizer
  • Customize your site quickly by clicking the customize link in the toolbar on front-end.

And now, DirectoryEngine version 1.9.3 – Listing and Directory WordPress Theme is compatible with WordPress 4.3. We guarantee that the performance of your website will be  better with this improvement.

Showing Place’s rating on Map

In the latest version of DirectoryEngine, when users click at a Place in Map, it shows not only the name and address of that Place but also the Rating. With this improvement, users can easily find the most favorite places to come and enjoy.

Map Marker - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3

Automatically showing Map on Place’s page

As you can see in the picture below, when users go to the page of Bertrand at Mister A’s restaurant, the system will automatically show the map on the right-hand side of the screen.

Map of Place - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3

In DirectoryEngine now – Listing and Directory WordPress Theme, all the Place’s pages have this improvement.

SEO Improvement

In the latest version of DirectoryEngine 1.9.3, we add Google schema for Place Breadcrumb. It will help authors improve the SEO of their Places.

Breadcrumb - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3


Bug fixes:

  • In the last version of DirectoryEngine, if the address and link of Place are too long, they would be shown incorrectly. This bug is now solved
    Address and link - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3
  • In DirectoryEngine 1.9.3, if user’s location near a Place, the distance will be showed as meter instead of kilometer like before.
  • If you have already used DirectoryEngine, you will know that we offer you a function to change the color of Place category in Dashboard/Settings/Content.

Place category - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3


However, if you use Chinese, Japanese…or other non-Latin languages , the color you choose would not appear in the frontend. This bug no longer exists in DirectoryEngine version 1.9.3 – Our best Listing and Directory WordPress Theme.

  • The bug in Map Marker of Place is fixed. Now if you go to Dashboard/Settings/Map:

Map settings - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3


And you choose Disable in “Display map marker in single place page”

Map Marker - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3


Then the Map in Place’s page will show not only the marker of that place but also another place near there like the picture below.

Rating for Place on Map - DirectoryEngine 1.9.3


If you have any problem while updating DirectoryEngine ver 1.9.3, you can send an email to Our technical support staff will solve your  problem as soon as possible.




  • Arek
    Sep  30TH,  2015

    I am waitting for redesign of, place page i want fullwidth place page, to be more attractive for companies, no one want to pay for 600px widthat my website

    • an nguyen
      Oct  24TH,  2015


      It’s a pity that we haven’t supported the service to redesign the product.

      Maybe you can hire a freelancer to help you with the needed work.


  • Lincoln
    Oct  24TH,  2015

    I am waiting for an importer like Job Engine has to import location name, address and e-mail from google listing or excel file.

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