It’s time to make WordPress design easy for everyone. That’s why our team of WordPress designers and developers came together to launch EngineThemes, and we’re thrilled to release our first theme today, JobEngine.

Our philosophy is simple. If you need to hire someone to help you with your WordPress theme, then that theme is not right for you. Unfortunately, that’s a problem we see many WordPress bloggers and website owners face every day, and it’s a problem that we want to solve with easy-to-use themes that are both logical and elegant.

We’re passionate about making WordPress themes easy for anyone to use, and that means getting rid of cluttered screens, complex coding, and limited design options. EngineThemes builds every one of its themes to be incredibly easy to use and incredibly powerful, too.

We’re excited to share our first theme with you today and show WordPress users how easy theme personalization and site editing can be. We offer everything you need and none of the extras you don’t. You can get all the details by checking out our standard features that come with every WordPress theme from EngineThemes. You can also take a test drive on our demo site.

EngineThemes Design Principles

We’re committed to changing the WordPress themes industry by making WordPress themes easier to use than ever. To do this, we adhere to 10 Design Principles that ensure users are always our top priority:

1. We build themes for usability with a simple user experience.

We only build themes that are truly useful and designed for ease-of-use for both site owners and site visitors.

2. If an element or feature is useless, it’s gone.

EngineThemes builds every one of its themes so only useful elements are included.

3. Mobile first, not desktop copies.

Many WordPress themes don’t offer a mobile version at all or the mobile version is a cheap copy of the desktop version. That’s not good enough these days. Instead, all themes created by EngineThemes include a dedicated mobile version that is fully optimized for mobile devices, so your site looks as good on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop computers.

4. Built-in localization because where you are matters.

Every theme is an international theme. That’s because they all include six built-in languages as well as a built-in translator so content can be translated into any language you need.

5. Never visit the WordPress dashboard if you don’t want to.

Thanks to the EngineThemes front-end controls, you can make edits to your site and publish new content from the home page rather than visiting the WordPress dashboard. If you do navigate to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll find all of your theme controls in one place, not hidden here, there, and everywhere in a variety of settings pages and screens.

6. Themes that always work.

You don’t have to worry about your WordPress theme going out of date, because EngineThemes is continuously updating our themes to enhance features, fix bugs, and ensure they follow industry standards and best practices. One-click weekly updates are automatically available for free.

7. Real help anytime you need it — for life.

Because users never know when they might need help, EngineThemes customers get lifetime support through our technical experts, our online community, and extensive documentation.

8. One price + unlimited licenses = complete freedom.

Our pricing structure is simple. You pay a single price and get unlimited licenses for the theme you purchase. That means you can use the theme on as many websites as you want.

9. Always risk free with a 14-Day money back guarantee.

You can try one of our themes at anytime knowing you can get your money back if you’re not completely satisfied thanks to our 14-day money back guarantee. There’s no reason not to give a theme a try on your own site.

10. So powerful that developers love our themes, too.

But what about advanced WordPress users and developers? EngineThemes are so powerful, well-built, and flexible that developers love using them to create fully-customized sites with custom coding and child themes to build on top of our core engine.

Take an EngineThemes Test Drive

We want to help people easily create amazing websites and web applications without breaking the bank. That’s why our WordPress themes are powerful and feature-rich, but they’re also simple to install, simple to use, simple to upgrade, and simple to cancel.

You can learn more about EngineThemes features, check out the EngineThemes demo, and if you like what you see, buy a theme. With the 14-day money back guarantee, you can put the theme to work for you over the next two weeks knowing it’s simple to cancel if you need to later.

We hope you’ll love how uncomplicated WordPress can be when you use one of our themes as much as we do!



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