The wait is over!

With its first version released today, ForumEngine is ready to take you to new experiences on community sites.

You can now see ForumEngine in action here or view the theme in our store.

ForumEngine Homepage - Forum Software, WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

For fledgling or veteran forum site owners, this is going to be an easy way to build and rebuild a community discussion board, with modern look & improved user interface for better user interactions.

Simple, modern design

Forget the old, messy appearance of classic forums. ForumEngine is built with simplicity and improved user interactions to keep your site up with smart innovations in design.

Create a new thread - Forum software, WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

Optimized for discussion

Easy user interactions are the highest priority in your forum. Focused to provide fresh experience in online socialization, ForumEngine encourages your users to get involved more actively, and therefore, helps to expand your community.

Thread page - Forum software, WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

Easy administrative tasks

Less complex controls, less things to worry about. Contents are easily managed in the frontend and you only have to go to the backend when you need to make changes on some initial settings.

Fully control your content - Forum software, WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

Mobile compatible

ForumEngine is designed to function seamlessly on your smart phones and tablets. Besides its gorgeous look, the features on the small screens are definitely not inferior to those in desktops.

Support all screen sizes - Forum software, WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

Now give your site that smart overhaul! And don’t forget to drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts of this new theme. Your comments are greatly appreciated as always! 🙂

  • David
    Oct  12TH,  2013

    Hey, the theme looks great. I love the clear design, very focused. Congrats, guys! Keep up the good work!

    • Pete
      Oct  12TH,  2013

      Agree! Very promising. However, it would be great to learn more about the features. Also, please show a few screenshots of how it looks in mobile devices.

      Congrats on the release! Great job.

      • Anh Chau
        Oct  12TH,  2013

        Hi Pete, you can try our demo site at in your smartphone to have a quick look at our mobile version. We’ll surely update more details of ForumEngine in a following post. 🙂

        And thanks for the encouragement!

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  12TH,  2013

      Thanks for the kind words, David. 🙂

  • Marty
    Oct  19TH,  2013

    Does JobEngine and ForumEngine share login accounts. In other words, if I have both apps, will my users have to sign up only once. Or does each app require a separate user account.

  • Cyrus
    Oct  21ST,  2013

    Covered the theme already on WPJEDI. It’s quite special 🙂

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  21ST,  2013

      Awesome! Thanks, Cyrus. Have a great new week!

      • Al
        Nov  01ST,  2013

        Hi Anh,

        Is it possible to use both jobengine and forumengine together? Share login accounts…etc? I am currently migrating my site to jobengine and I am looking for a way to add a forum.



  • Cuma
    Jan  29TH,  2014

    Hi… I bought this theme on, but inbox not included?

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