We’ve promised to provide better products in the future and we’ve never forgot that. Besides introducing new product – DirectoryEngine, we’re also in the process to implement the others. After collecting and discussing suggestions from our customers, ForumEngine is once again updated with some new options and bug fixes:

New options

– Report a thread: Whenever users see a violated thread, they can use this function to inform the admin. The admin then can remove the thread after consideration, which will help to reduce inappropriate posts on their sites.

report thread - ForumEngine

– Log in via Google plus account: Users now can login to ForumEngine via their Google plus accounts besides the other social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter.

google plus login - ForumEngine

– Changing slugs from the back – end: From now on, when admins want to change the slugs, they can do it right from the back end, no more code work needed.

change slugs - ForumEngine

– Update website title: the website title is upgraded so that you can enhance your SEO work.

– Adding “rel=no follow” and “ target=_ blank” to external links of your site posts or page.

Bug fixes

– Fix issue when installing new fresh theme: In the previous versions, when customers installed theme in a totally new site, they couldn’t generate template pages as well as see their avatars. The issues are all fixed, the site runs smoothly now.

– Fix https issue when loading jquery mobile library on mobile version.

– Fix underscore tag.

  • Brackeys
    Aug  05TH,  2014

    What an amazing update! For those of us using a child-theme setup: is it possible to see what files have changed? Thanks a lot 🙂

  • developer
    Feb  25TH,  2016

    What is the functionality of reporting to thread or comment

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