Implementing Menu tab

Besides the footer menu, ForumEngine is now supported menu on the header which help users easily visit any page on the site.

menu - ForumEngine

Enable/ disable “Live notifications” feature

“Live notifications” is the feature that help users to keep up with the new posts on the forums. Admins are now allowed to activate this function right from their admin panel and of course they can disable it whenever they want.

live notifications - ForumEngine

Add plugin Autolink to TinyMCE

With the implementation of Autolink, it’ll be much more convenient for users to access the link in the post. Just simply click the link and it’ll head you to the right site.

Bug fix

Fix “Insert code” icon issue, the button works fine now.

  • Brackeys
    Sep  18TH,  2014

    Awesome new additions! Just one correction: When a live notification pops up it says that the user can “give a look at”. That should be corrected to either “have a look” or “take a look”. Thanks! 🙂

    • An
      Sep  20TH,  2014


      Thanks for your feedback, we’ll check it now. Please keep supporting us in the future.

      • Brackeys
        Sep  20TH,  2014

        You are very welcome! Live notifications would be even better if they would also notify about replies on threads you follow 🙂

  • Nel
    Sep  19TH,  2014

    How does Live notifications works ? sent a email to users or something else?

    • An
      Sep  20TH,  2014


      Whenever there’s a new thread, a notification will appear at the corner of the site to inform the users, this is how Live notifications works.

  • joachim
    Jan  09TH,  2016

    i have been looking for a perfect theme for my forum…but this foruengine is even more than i wanted.

    thank you everyone who made forumengine and keep on with the great job you are doing

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