ForumEngine’s new feature, the Blog section, solves a very important issue we had in our first release.

That huge thing was, if you have an existing, content-rich site and you installed ForumEngine, the existing posts become inaccessible. So some WordPress experts suggest doing a separate installation if you opt to have a forum and a blog page.

This isn’t an issue now with ForumEngine v1.1. You install the theme and you can keep your posts. Or you upgrade your FE version and make your old posts accessible again.

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One change to note after you install the theme, the homepage will be the blog page. If you want to change it to a forum thread page, you will need to modify the settings in the admin. Go to Settings > Reading and select “A static page” for Front page displays. On drop-down menus, select “Sample Page” for Front page and “Blog” for Posts page. Make sure you have created a new page for Blog beforehand.

If you settled to making your homepage the forum page, you can still make your other posts easily accessible. The key is to create a blog link in the footer.

The mobile version also bears a static page of the Blog section in the footer.

Change Log

Features: Improve theme structure and Blogging feature
– “Loading page” error appears when clicking the Blog link (mobile version)
– Comments are duplicated after upgrade (mobile version)
– Quoting error in mobile version
– Un-clickable buttons in edit toolbox
– Categories aren’t filtering threads
– On Twitter login, the page went blank after authentication

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  • Stuart Sutherland
    Jan  08TH,  2014

    If you install ForumEngine fresh, can you have both a separate blog and a forum within the installation? If you can, is the blog the default homepage or can it be made to be the default homepage?

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