FreelanceEngine Credit Extension 1.0

We are grateful for this journey of FreelanceEngine. This August, we have made FrE Credit a free plugin for FreelanceEngine. Along the way, we have released FrE Credit Plus with all the features you need for your Credit system. Simply install FrE Credit Plus along with FrE Credit on your freelance WordPress website.

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Features of FrE Credit Plus Extension 1.0

  • Special pricing credit plans

As a site admin, you will be able to create credit plans with special pricing as a discount option.

  • Flexible conversion rate

With FrE Credit, the conversion rate between real money and the number of credits is 1-1. However, you can choose any conversion rate using FrE Credit Plus.

Users (employers & freelancers)
  • Custom credit deposit amount

Now, your site users don’t have to purchase the fixed plans. They can choose to deposit the custom amount with the 1-1 conversion rate.

Upcoming features of FrE Credit Plus

  • Admin Credit management system

FreelanceEngine site admin can top-up or deduct the credit amount of a user.

  • FrE Membership integration

Your site users’ credit amount will be automatically charged if they have a recurring membership package..

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If you still haven’t made up your mind, just take a look at FrE Credit Plus documentation to see how it benefits you.

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*If you have purchased FrE Credit and haven’t had access to FrE Credit Plus, please let us know via

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