Dear FreelanceEngine customers,

This time, we would walk you through the main points in FreelanceEngine latest version 1.7. The site design is more responsive, and there are bug fixes in PayPal payment, pricing plan, translation, & on mobile version.

Correct payment amount via PayPal

When you activate Escrow system on your project bidding website (Engine Settings → Escrow → Settings), there are 2 methods to set the commission rate: by percentage or by a specific amount.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7 Escrow settings in back-end

It was bug when you chose the former method, the system saved as the latter. Thus, the total amount an employer had to pay for a project ended up with a wrong number.

To clarify this, total amount = project cost ($20 for example) + commission fee.

You set the commission rate to equal 10% of the project cost → Commission fee = 10% x $20 = $2. Thus, total amount = $22. However, when the employer chose to pay via PayPal, the system understood 10 as a specific amount, causing the commission fee to be calculated as $10. As a result, the total amount was up to $30.

We have fixed this bug now, so PayPal would display the correct payment amount.

If you want to know more about PayPal settings in Escrow system, read this tutorial.

Or you could refer to this tutorial to understand the flow of payment with Escrow system.

Pricing plan auto updated

There are 3 steps to post a project: 1. Select pricing plan → 2. Enter project details → 3. Select payment method.

After completing the first 2 steps, the employer changes his mind and goes back to step 1, choosing a different pricing plan. In the previous version, the system, however, did not update the change in pricing plan. So when it came to the final step, the initial pricing plan showed up instead of the new one.

This bug is properly resolved now. Check it in FreelanceEngine demo

Proper display of “Paginate”, “Load more”, “View all projects” buttons

At Project listing section in the homepage, we have fixed some following bugs:

  • If you set Paginate method for this section: “View all projects” button now shows up seamlessly.
  • If you set Load more method: “Load more” button was well displayed.
More responsive and proper rating display
  • Responsive:

In User profile, when a user reviews his work history, one completed project is displayed once, instead of twice in the previous version.

  • Rating system:

Before, when a user gave a 4.5-star review, the site saved as 5 stars; or reviewed 3.5 stars but saved as 3 stars. In this version, everything is fine with the rating. 4.5-star review correctly displayed as 4.5, or 3.5 is 3.5.

Better translation support

The translation part now supports 4 more texts: “View all projects”, “View all profiles”, “Add milestone”, and “Enter keyword” in Private message.

Freelancers have to log in to see project status

To see the “Bid” status for all the projects he has bid (see the image),  a freelancer has to log in to his account on your freelance marketplace website.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7 Bid status after login

In previous FreelanceEngine version, the freelancer was still able to see this “Bid” status without login. This issue is resolved in this version, thus; for a non-login user, he just sees the project listing (see the image):

FreelanceEngine update 1.7 project listing

[Mobile] Profile detail tab available for freelancer and admin accounts

The profile detail tab was not available on mobile for freelancer and admin accounts. This bug occurred when you enabled “Sharing Role Capabilities” (which means a user can play 2 roles –  employer and freelancer – on your site) in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Content).

It is fixed in this version, see the image:

FreelanceEngine update 1.7 project detail tab on mobile

With this FreelanceEngine latest release, I hope it would make users more satisfied with your freelance WordPress website. If you need further help with FreelanceEngine version 1.7, please feel free to contact us via Our support team are happy to talk to you!

  • Dmitrii
    Jan  29TH,  2016

    If i want to submit new project I have no option to mark, is my project full time or urgent.

    It would be better if users can choose type of project, when they are submiting it.

  • Jinyu
    Jan  29TH,  2016

    Is there a list of bugs you can provide that have been addressed?

  • Patrick Metzdorf
    Jan  30TH,  2016


    I seem to be unable to download the latest version.
    It’s not in my list of downloads under my account?

  • an nguyen
    Feb  01ST,  2016

    Hi guys,

    Regarding the problem while you are using the theme, please kindly submit a ticket in our forum, our technical support staffs here will help you give a suitable solutions.


  • jonki
    Feb  01ST,  2016


  • Metodi Atanassov
    Feb  02ND,  2016

    Is this all the bugs you have fixed? You have much more than that. I have a list of 5 already that my programmer will fix it.

    • an nguyen
      Feb  04TH,  2016


      All the bugs have been noticed to the product team, However, we can’t fix them all in one version. We have to consider to fix the critical ones first.

      Hope that you can understand our situation.


    • Michelle Cotter
      Feb  23RD,  2016

      Hi there
      Hope you are well. Would you be kind enough to send me a list of bugs within this theme i need to show it to my developer to get a quotation off him.
      My email is
      Many thanks

  • Michelle Cotter
    Feb  23RD,  2016

    Hello there,
    Can someone please give me a list of bugs so i can tell my developer in order to get a quote before i go ahead and but your theme and its plugins?
    Where can i get the list of bugs ?
    Can you please email me
    Many Thanks

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