No matter which business you are running, you can’t ignore your mobile website. According to some researches, mobile search has grown five times in the past two years and 52% of all local searches are done on a mobile phone. As a result, it gradually become a great help for your business.
As we promised when launching FreelanceEngine, the mobile version would be released soon with FrE version 1.1. And now, the promise is accomplished, we are happy to introduce the latest version of FrE with mobile solution implementation.


Mobile version

All the main functions of FrE are now completed, users now are free to register using their mobiles. They then can insert all the needed information in their profile sections.

mobile 2-FreelanceEngine

As for freelancers, once they find the suitable project, they can start bidding it and contact the employers.

mobile 3-FreelanceEngine

Also, the admin bar won’t appear when users surfing the site anymore.

FreelanceEngine version 1.1

In addition, FrE v1.1 does includes some new implementation and bug fixes:

Reset password page

No more worry about forgetting your password. With this new version, whenever you forget your password, simply insert your username or email, the system will generate a new one for you.


Complete mail system

A new notification has been added, whenever a freelancer’s big is accepted, he will receive an email informing him.


Bug fixes

1. Fix “Counting” issue. The system won’t miscount the number of freelancers anymore.
2. Fix “Translate” issue. The date format problem with Hungarian has gone now.
3. Fix “Display” issue. The text in the “Project” section has been styled to enhance the appearance of the site.

  • gngperson
    May  05TH,  2016

    How can I edit this mobile layout? I’ve been looking for a file. I want to edit the names of the tabs from projects and profiles to something else. and also add a video slider instead of my logo. I hope I don’t have to hire someone to go in deeper to do these simple tasks. This freelance theme was a grip of money.

    • Uyen Tran
      May  06TH,  2016


      Regarding this issue, would you mind moving to our forum and submit a ticket?
      We know that it’ll be a little bit inconvenient but our technical supporters work mainly in the forum. Moreover, the ticket system also keeps your private information safe and you will be reached within 24 hours or a bit late at weekends.


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