freelanceengine survey closed

Dear our beloved customers,

We recently conducted a survey in which we gather all your thoughts and feedbacks about FreelanceEngine. We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. All your input is valuable to us as we continually strive to develop our product with the highest quality.

Today we’re glad to inform you that our survey is officially closed, and the milestone for FreelanceEngine in Q1 & Q2 will be announced within the next few days.

Once again, we are extremely grateful for your precious time participating in our survey.

Kind regards,

EngineThemes Team

  • Oliver
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    Sound great! I need a community to discuss all issues involved in FreelanceEngine theme.

  • M. Macintyre
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    When you announce the future plan to us?

    • Thao Le
      Feb  03RD,  2017

      I will announce you within the next few days, M.macintyre!

  • Miguel Barbosa Carvalho
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    Customization, please!

  • Lauvrak
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    I totally argree with your plan regrarding FreelanceEngine User Community. Customization is my top top priority.

  • Mohannad Murshid
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    I’ve purchased the theme and I want to talk about its features.

    • Abhay
      Feb  21ST,  2017

      Hi, Can you plz give me your skype id or your email id plz? my skype id is

  • Jane Hayes
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    Can’t wait to see this community. I want the community to focus more on the customization.

  • Shinya T
    Feb  03RD,  2017

    The community only for FreelanceEngine theme and extensions. We don’t have Customization services but we can recommend some names for you if possible.

    • Marco Leung
      Feb  06TH,  2017

      Pls send me the recommended names to me as well. My email address is MARCOL@R2.HK

      Thx and Rgds

  • Vlad
    Feb  19TH,  2017

    So when is the milestone coming out?

  • Kevin van der Hulst
    Feb  23RD,  2017

    Like Vlad, very curious what the milestones are

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