FreelanceEngine version 1.6.2 is up to date now!

EngineThemes would like to announce that some bugs have been fixed and there is a new extension introduced in the latest version of FreelanceEngine.

Stripe Escrow –  A new extension of FreelanceEngine ver 1.6.2


Escrow Stripe - Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme - FreelanceEngine1.6.2

Now Stripe connect is integrated with Escrow system in FreelanceEngine!

If you are going to update FreelanceEngine version 1.6.2 and you want to improve the performance of your website to get more revenue, you should consider adding Escrow Stripe.

Escrow system is a financial instrument held by a third party on behalf of the other two parties in a transaction. It will provide you with a guarantee that no funds or property will change hands until all of the terms and conditions have been followed. Besides, Stripe connect allow payment directly on your own website.

This extension is very helpful. However, you have to adapt some requirements below to use it.

  1. Stripe Escrow is currently available only for US Stripe Account.
  2. The recipient’s bank must be in the US.
  3. When sending to a debit card, transfers must be less than $3000 (This card must be US Visa or Mastercard)

Stripe Escrow is easy to use and set-up, read the manual of this extension to use it easier!

Bug fixes:

  • The new version of FreelanceEngine prevents users from adding a minus value when posting or bidding a new project.
  • After updating Skills in Profile, all the skills will be shown when you edit the Portfolio.
  • Previously, there’s a problem in the Work/Hire button when you register an account. This bug is now solved.

Hope that these improvements will satisfy you.

If you have any problem while updating FreelanceEngine version 1.6.2, you can send a ticket via EngineThemes forum. Our technical support staff will help you solve the problem.



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