In celebration of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and International Workers’ Day, we want to make you aware of some special events in EngineThemes. Although there will be some delay in our support work, don’t worry too much. Coming together with it are the 25% discount program and the first FREE EngineThemes’ product ever!

Support delay schedule

To celebrate the special days, we have a few days off, from April 30th to May 4th.

Therefore, questions about technical issues will be resolved when we resume our works on May 5th. In regards to urgent cases and basic support requests, we will try our best to answer them as soon as we can.

After this short break, our team will be back with full power to serve you better. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

25% Discount offer

Since this is a special occasion for us, we want to share the joy to you all. You can now save 25% when purchasing any themes or extensions from EngineThemes. Simply enter the discount code “EngineThemes25” in your purchase form.

Don’t miss this great chance! This promotion will last until May 4th. Make sure you waste no time and order now – this promotion is for limited time only!

Introducing OneEngine

After unstoppable effort, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new theme for you, the OneEngine theme. A multipurpose one page WordPress theme. And 100% FREE!

OneEngine - One Page WordPress Theme

You can use the theme to set-up different kinds of sites: portfolio, blog and even a complex business site. And the single-page structure enhances your site’s simplicity and convenience, with all information can be gathered by scrolling.

Download WordPress One page Them – OneEngine!


  • Ludovic Bourgoin
    Apr  30TH,  2014

    Woohoo !! Thank you much guys! About OneEngine, I’m wondering if you also provide easy translation feature into theme settings. Thanks.

  • Werldklass
    Apr  30TH,  2014

    Today, I purchased your theme in the afternoon.
    And now, you’re offer 25% discount coupon.

    I don’t know what should I say.

  • Thomas
    May  02ND,  2014

    We are using this theme (OneEngine) for the election of our university! This theme is great and covering all the major point it should have. Keep up the good work!

    A recommendation for this theme is the possibility to insert a click banner (to refer to another websites).

    • Thomas
      May  02ND,  2014

      Another recommendation is the possibility for a slide show regarding the services.

    • Anh Chau
      May  06TH,  2014

      We’re glad to hear that, @Thomas. Would consider your ideas for some improvements in the theme.

  • amitmojumder
    May  04TH,  2014

    This is a great theme, Thanks for sharing for free. Going to give it a try. any idea how I may grabn the demo data that are being displayed in the demo? Many thanks in advance.

    • Anh Chau
      May  06TH,  2014

      Hi @amitmojumder:disqus, the exported demo data is included in your theme folder. Please use WP importer plugin to import everything to make it look like our demo site. 🙂

      • amitmojumder
        May  07TH,  2014

        on the oneengine-v0.1 folder havent got any XML file to import. Plz suggest. many many thanks for your reply.

        • Manuel G
          May  07TH,  2014

          It’s not included 🙁

          • amitmojumder
            May  07TH,  2014

            Any idea how to get that? Thanks.

          • Anh Chau
            May  07TH,  2014

            We have updated the file a couple days ago. Maybe you should download the theme again. 🙂

          • Manuel G
            May  07TH,  2014

            Thanks. this theme is great

          • amitmojumder
            May  08TH,  2014

            Thank you very much. in the local host having trouble to download the all image attachment with wp importer. maximum execution time exceeds each time.

            Thanks for your kind effort.

          • amitmojumder
            May  08TH,  2014

            Thank you for updating the file. Now got it set up properly as per the demo :).
            For a free theme, the quality is pretty high for this theme. As a professional, I noticed few issues. The initial ajax loading time a bit high than usual and the overall scroll is not 99% smooth. Any insights about how to improve these?

            many many thanks.

  • Thejungle
    May  17TH,  2014

    You have presented how to import sample data to your theme in the youtube video (onepage) but you didn’t provide the link to file. How to do that? Please, help. Thanks.

  • Arianna
    Jun  23RD,  2014

    How can I put the main slide show on top of the template (like the demo, with the images of penguins, horses ecc)? I can’t find it 🙁

  • Kovács István
    Jun  26TH,  2014


    This is a great theme.

    I just have a notice, if I create a simple page (not homepage) and select the Home Template as the site template, the result is a page without any css, just an unformatted page. Is it possible, that I can’t create a normal page in this theme?

    • Kovács István
      Jun  26TH,  2014

      One more thing, the header and footer also missing on a normal page

  • RankNepal
    Jul  08TH,  2014

    how to get demo data for oneengine theme ??Ra

  • Nick
    Jul  30TH,  2014

    This might be a very stupid question but how do I import the xml template(sample) file?

  • DS
    Aug  08TH,  2014

    I would like to download the Theme but it’s seems that it’s not downloadable anymore 🙁

  • Chris Mashuro
    May  30TH,  2016

    I want you guys to help me develop my website for Web Hosting

    • Chau
      May  31ST,  2016

      Hello Chris,

      I would be glad to be able to help you but it’s such a pity that we’ve stopped our customization service. I would suggest that you try contacting our partner Codeable to help you with it.

      Many thanks.

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