It is said that “Don’t let your hotel die because of a bad site”. Understanding the benefits a good website could bring to your hotel, HotelEngine is once again updated with a great big change: integrating BookingEngine.
For those who haven’t heard about BookingEngine, it’s a booking solution which helps to enhance the booking process.

frontend BE-HotelEngine


front-endBE 2- HotelEngine

front-end BE 3-HotelEngine

From now on, you’ll find your BookingEngine right from your HotelEngine’s dashboard and of course you can decide to enable it or not.

on- off BE-HotelEngine

The best thing is that this update is not just a combination of the two old products. BookingEngine’s also upgraded with two new features: Pricing and Calendar


With this new feature, the hotel owners can set up pricing plans for their rooms on special events. This is somehow can consider as a promotion event that help you to attract more customers.
Different from the old versions which you can set up just one price for every room’s types, the new version now allows you to set up different prices for different kinds of rooms.
In addition, you also have two options when creating your plans. You can set up your plan on an exact date or weekdays, it’s all based on your preference.
Moreover, simply drag and drop the plans then you can arrange the plan’s priorities.

pricing BE-HotelEngine


This is your online calendar where you can track up all the booking records have been made so far. It also have notes including some basic information of the bookings.

calendar BE-HotelEngine

Other updates

Besides BE implementation, Hotel Comfy and Hotel Classy have also been enhanced some functions.

– Hotel Comfy is now supported gallery template, you can use this page to create beautiful gallery for your hotel, let the picture speak for themselves.


Moreover, the email notification system is improved, whenever there’s booking, the system will automatically send an email for the admins to inform them.


– Update WordPress title: the website title is upgraded so that you can enhance your SEO works on both themes.

Bug fixes

– Add after activating BookingEngine: the function works smoothly now.
– Future check- in dates now can be set without troubles.
– Fix tax rate issue.
– Fix “Add service” button, it’s now clickable.


If you’ve already used BookingEngine, please disable it before you install this update.


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