From the beginning of this year, besides individual items, we decided to add to product list the packages including theme and compatible extensions with special discount. For nearly one year offering these packages, our statistics show an impressive number of customers choosing product packages for their business.

We could not have made this without our beloved customers. So we would like to give special thanks to all of you for trusting and supporting our team along this journey. We are working hard to improve user satisfaction with many new extensions added to the packages in the near future.

Today, we would like to announce the change in price of FreelanceEngine PRO Package, and in detailed inclusion of FreelanceEngine PLUS, and Mega Power Package.

  • Applied time: From November 16th, 2015. Benefits of current customers remain unchanged.
  • Applied customers:

           – This new price policy is applied for new customers who make their purchase from the applied time.

           – If you have already owned FrE PRO or FrE PLUS package, you still receive updated versions without paying any extra fees. When renewing product license, you would pay 50% of the new price.

  • Pricing details:

          – FrE PRO & PLUS Package: Save more with new extensions

            Just 15% more to save 35% of a much higher value-added package. In FrE PLUS package, there is new Private Message extension added for you, while all two new FrE extensions – Milestone and Private Message – are included in FrE PRO package. A real cool offer for you!

new price policy 1

* AE PayPal Digital Goods is not included in the new packages. This extension is removed from our sales page due to its API being officially closed. 

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          – MEGA POWER Package: Same Price. More Add-ons. 50% savings!

             MEGA POWER Package consists of 4 popular themes, JobEngine, ClassifiedEngine, DirectoryEngine, and FreelanceEngine, and all of their extensions. More extensions released recently have increased the value of this package. However, the price for this package REMAINS THE SAME. So yes, now you could experience more amazing extensions in our themes but only have to pay at the old price. A real value for money!table 2

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To sum up, only price of FrE PRO package increases; however, even with higher price, our product packages are still a great deal for you with a chance to save up to 50% of the total product value. We hope you are clear about this new price policy and help spread this news to those having interest in EngineThemes. The new price will come into effect from November 16th, 2015.

We look forward to receiving your feedback about our products as well as the new packages. If you have any concern, drop us a line at Our support staff will help you solve the issue.


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