Running a WordPress directory site, of course you want to have as many places being displayed as possible. However, everything has its negative. If you display too many places in your site, the loading speed will be a little bit slow.

With this new update, the problem has a solution. The site’s performance is improved and your users won’t have to wait the map loading for too long.


Besides, from now on, users can easily use their social network accounts to access your site. Facebook, Google plus or Twitter, users can choose whatever you want to login.

Also, in this latest version, users will have another option to quickly upgrade their membership. You can see an upgrade button in the place’s detailed page, whenever the free plan is expired, they can click on it and update their membership.
As for mobile version, we implemented a new option to help users manage their site better. Admins now can decide the default zoom level on the map right in their dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Menu” issue: Previously, when you sticked the top menu, users couldn’t scroll the page smoothly. This problem has now been resolved.
  • Fix “Create event” bug: The hyperlink in the “Create event” form is now clickable.
  • “Forgot password” panel icon is now displayed in the right place.
  • “Edit profile” panel and “Comment form” now work fine.

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