The convenience of scrolling – and we mean Infinite scrolling – is now on the pages of ForumEngine.

This new feature is an additional option so if you still opt to use a paginator, nothing will change.

But for those who want to try the Infinite Scroll, enable the button in the admin page: Engine Settings > Settings > Content > Infinite Scroll.

Infinite Scrolling in WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine v1.2

Infinite scroll is applied to the following pages in the frontend:

– Thread list
– Search result list
– Category page
– Blog listing
– Single thread page

Infinite Scroll in WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine v1.2

As you scroll down, the page will automatically keep loading until the last text of the thread or page.

Besides the infinite scroll, we also made a slight improvement on the text editor of the forms: Create topic, Edit reply, Edit thread, etc. This is a technical change and your forms are loaded faster now.

Change Log

– Fix the static page settings after theme activation
– Design error on the Reply textbox
– If a user writes a reply before he logs in, the reply is not displayed after he signed in.
– Forum Categories widget is duplicated after editing the widget title.
– Update the website title on mobile version

  • M
    Dec  19TH,  2013

    When do you expect to release JE with the ‘infinite scroll’ feature?

    • Anh Chau
      Dec  21ST,  2013

      Yeah it would be a great idea for JE. However, providing a good user experience with the infinite scroll requires more thoughts on the footer area & the other filter-related issues. We’ll consider this before giving any decision.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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