As you can see, coupons have become really effective nowadays in the marketing field. They encourages customers to use your products since they know they are offered a cheaper price. Understanding the benefit of a successful coupon campaign would bring, we’re happy to introduce a trusted friend that helps you to start your campaign right away: CE COUPON.

CE Coupon allows admins to create discount codes for their package plans and sellers can now get a cheaper price by using these codes when posting ads.

To create a coupon code, the process is pretty straight-forward:
– Coupon Usage Count: Enter a number to limit how many times a coupon can be used.
– Discount: Enter the discounted value (specific amount or percentage)
– User Coupon Usage Count: Enter a number to limit how many times a specific user can use the coupon.
– Dates: Decide the expiry date for the coupon
– Payment plans: Decide which payment packages the coupon can be used for

ce coupon backend - ClassifiedEngine extension

CE Coupon is totally compatible with the existing payment gateway extensions: CE Stripe, CE Paymill and CE PayPal Express. In your payment process, the reduced price will be calculated right after you insert the code.

ce coupon frontend - ClassifiedEngine extension

Offering discounts for your customers also means offering great chances for your business:
– It attracts more customers to use your service.
– It encourages regular users to post more ads.
– It transforms a normal site visitor into your customer.

Get CE Coupon now if you’re thinking of a new marketing campaign for your ad business.

Besides introducing CE Coupon, we also have some small changes in CE Adroll and CE Ad Alert:
– CE Adroll: changing Slider effects.
– CE Ad Alert: bug fixed, changing the way to get the minify value.

  • Hidayat Mundana
    May  29TH,  2014
    • an nguyen
      Nov  02ND,  2015


      Thanks for your kind words. Please keep supporting us in the future.


  • Blank
    Oct  30TH,  2015

    Ini plugin atau themes ya?
    kalau plugin bagaimana bisa mendapatkannya
    Rencananya mau di install di

    • an nguyen
      Nov  02ND,  2015


      Thanks for your interest in our product.

      This product is an extension for the theme ClassifiedEngine. it’s a pity that you can’t use it for other products.


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    Jun  15TH,  2017

    Like its a pretty good theme ,, with there its coupon code in hopes can increase sales to our business

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