AE Fields

This is an extension which allows admins to create more specific fields in different posting forms: post project, edit project and edit profile.

There are two tabs in the back-end providing admins different ways to input values: Meta fields and Taxonomies. Each tab includes these required information: Field name, Field label, Placeholder, Short description, Post type and Field type.

ae fields


Generally speaking, there’s no big difference between these tabs, the “Field type” is the only interface disparity. In the Meta fields, you only have two options: text and text area while the Taxonomies fields provides more options. Also, if you want to customize the fields to make it filterable, the Taxonomies fields is the suitable one.

To make it work, simply fill in all the needed information and hit Save button.

ae fields 2

Using AE Fields, you can create as many fields as you want for your FreelanceEngine. And the most special thing, it can be used in DirectoryEngine soon.

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AE Stripe

Just like its siblings, AE Stripe is a helpful payment gateway allowing your users to make their payment directly on site. You can easily sign up an account on and get your secret keys.

After that, simply insert the secret key and publishable key in your dashboard, your users then can quickly complete their payment.

ae stripe

Moreover, similar to AE Fields, you can not only use it in FreelanceEngine but also in DirectoryEngine in the future.

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FreelanceEngine version 1.3.1

Using Youtube video for the header background

It’s never been easier to set up the header video background. You now can insert a Youtube video ID and it’ll be displayed on your header background. However, if your browser doesn’t support this feature, you can set up an image to replace the video in “Video background fallback” section.

video fre-FreelanceEngine

Adding “flag” for featured projects

From now on, a red flag will be added at the end of each featured project. It can be considered as a way to emphasize these important ones.

featured projects-FreelanceEngine

Invite freelancer to bid project

A new option is also implemented in this update: “Invite to bid”. If you enable this option, freelancers have to be invited first before they can bid a project. Freelancers have to contact the employers first, describe their ability so that they can be invited. By this way, employers can reduce the number of spam mails as well as have more information to make the decision.


Compatible with WordPress 4.1

Moreover, right from this update, FreelanceEngine is totally compatible with WordPress version 4.1. You now can update your WordPress site and experience all the latest features.

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Update” issue: In the previous versions, when users edit the project, they couldn’t deleted the posted “skills”. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Fix “Email” issue: The URLs in email are now clickable.
  • Fix “Sign up” issue: Previously, even you enter the same pass word, you couldn’t register. This problem won’t happen anymore.
  • Adrien
    Dec  31ST,  2014

    EngineThemes… I love your FreelanceEngine Theme! Your team is very helpful and very responsive to updates!! Great customer support!

    Thank you!

  • Justin
    Jan  07TH,  2015

    Love the themes and the steady updates, Can we get a quick tutorial video on how to properly use and utilize the new AE Fields extension.

    Would be greatly appreciated

    • An
      Jan  07TH,  2015

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your support.

      We’ll soon publish a documentation about this extension. Please wait a little bit more.

  • Joseph Maina
    Jun  26TH,  2017

    A stuck there is no option for my users to sign up

    • Thao Le
      Jun  28TH,  2017

      Hi Joseph,

      This post will give you a complete guide to add the signup link in the header menu.

      Hope it helps.

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